IMPORTANT: Schedule Change For Rock-N-Race

rock n raceCan you believe it is almost May! When did that happen? May is an exciting month around here with S3 in full speed and the Rock N’ Race 5K. If you have not signed up for the Rock N’ Race then we would love to have you on our team. We pick up the t-shirts and bibs on Tuesday morning and they are ready for distribution by that afternoon. That way you don’t have to wait in the crazy lines when you get there!

If you train in the afternoons then please take note that we close down on that Thursday May 19th. We want EVERYONE to get behind this race and all that it stands for. Cancer has probably affected your life to some degree so let’s get out there and support the Payson Center. You can sign up with Get Fit NH and Beat Cancer using this link.

2016 Rock N Race Is Here: Let’s Do This!

We have you covered though! If you are an afternoon student then we are going to have all regular afternoon training times on Wednesday May 18th! We will be doing the same training as Thursday, so morning students don’t try and double up (you know it is tempting!) Thursday morning training times will remain the same.

Mark your calendar so you don’t forget. We appreciate your flexibility while we go out and support the Payson Center!

Make it Happen,
Your Coaches

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