Scott Shows You Aren’t Dead at 50 – Not Even Close!

Got this note and pics from Epsom 4:00pm superstar Scott Decker last week. This guy works hard, and it shows! 23 pounds lost in the 16 weeks he has been training, he is totally transforming his body, and the posture is getting better too – well done Scott!

Hi Dean and Nancy,

In addition to being thankful for family and friends this Thanksgiving, I’m also very thankful to you guys for helping me get this 50-year old body back in shape.

Removing the extra carbs from your diet is probably the best advice I could give.  I have not felt like I have “denied” myself from eating.  Eating “smarter” is the key.

Also, giving 110 % during the workouts is key.  Don’t shy away from doing that extra push-up or squat during the timed training routines, and above all don’t be afraid to sweat!!

Hope you don’t mind the “topless” photos.


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