Seasonal Depression- It’s Real!

Many of you have probably heard of Seasonal Depression and many of you or your loved ones are affected by this. This is real and you need to be on the look out for symptoms in yourself and in those around you. Since the clocks turned back i have already noticed a DRAMATIC affect in some of our students so that is why this blog is so timely.

When you "Google" Seasonal Depression there are endless articles on how to combat it and get through it, so my blog is not totally biased here! There is consistency in the research. Here are the top 3 things i found when reading about the winer blues...

1.) Exercise. I bet you knew I was going to say that. Exercise recruits all of those happy endorphins and seriously...who leaves the gym wishing they didn't come?

2. ) Stick to a schedule. Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, Work...all of it. Have consistency in your life, because that has a GIANT affect on you emotionally and mentally.

3.) Get outside. Bundle up and go play outside. Expose yourself to the sun. It might not be a warm sun, but it is a shiny sun and that shiny sun provides the Vitamin D that you are probably lacking! Vitamin D is a happy and energetic piece that we NEED.

Be aware of changes in yourself and changes in those around you. Help someone through it and don't give up. If you are noticing one of your pals is missing more often during these cold months then shoot them a message and let them know you miss them and that you are here for them. This stuff is REAL and we can all use a little more love when it is cold!

Tell Your Friends!