Physical Preparation Coaching

Anybody can make you tired, but that doesn't mean you are getting better. Get Fit NH training is designed to help you lose weight, get lean in all the right places, and look and feel great!

More than just a “fitness class”, Smart Group Training is world-class fitness coaching in a fun, dynamic atmosphere. You are not just a number in a crowd; your training is personalized based on your initial goal and fitness assessment. Nobody get left behind!

Nutrition Habit Coaching

Do you know someone who is in great shape and seems like they never have to work for it? Instead of being jealous, let’s learn from them. Our most successful clients didn’t get lean and fit overnight.

What they did do is create a “new normal” for themselves by building new habits, step-by-step, that eventually crowded out the old ones. They make it look easier now because it is easier now.

Get Fit NH Athlete Academy

Almost anyone can train a teenage athlete to get stronger, but that is only a small part of the picture.

  • How does that new found strength translate to the court, the field, the water, or the track?
  • Is the athlete remaining flexible and injury free?
  • What about agility, coordination, reflexes and reaction?
  • Leadership, focus and teamwork?

Training For Warriors

TFW is for those athletes who want (or need) to "up their horsepower" and focus on lifting heavy. The small group setting and specialized equipment allows you to work on specific barbell skills and powerlifting under the watchful eye of a coach in a laser focused environment. Not just for the guys, the women of TFW are kicking some serious butt!

The Coaching Process

The power of consistent action, paired with coaching that meets you where you live, is the key to reaching your health and fitness goals. At Get Fit NH, nobody trains without coaching, ever. When you are in the gym, we are here with you, making sure your training is safe, effective and most of all fun!

High Performance Lab

The High Performance Lab is where to big kids come to play. Using the latest technology, your coaches can dial in your training and recovery, helping you get the results you want in the most efficient way possible. These are not toys, but cutting edge technology designed to help you be your best.

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