Shining in the Athlete Academy Spotlight is…

Will Russo!

Will has been a member of GFNH’s Athlete Academy dating back to last year. I have had the distinct pleasure of being able to watch him grow stronger and faster. I was stoked last week during a set of front squats - I had the athletes increase their weight because they were doing less repetitions. Will increased the weight, did more repetitions than was required, then turned to me and said “wait we were only supposed to do 6 reps and I did 8? I could only do six reps of this weight before!”. It was awesome to see and hear that even he has started to see all the hard work pay off. Here's what Will has to say:

Will is on the right in the blue Falcons jersey

"Coach Adam,
I believe that without Athlete Academy, I wouldn't be able to be an adequate member of my soccer team. I attribute my faster speed in sprinting and long distance, of which I have greatly improved, to this program! Thanks!"
-Will R

I am extremely proud of Will and how hard he has worked! Keep up the awesome work and you will continue to succeed (no pun intended).

-Coach Adam

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