Shining Brightly on Kathy

Proud just doesn't cut it. I don't know of a word that is perfect. It would probably have to be something like- Ican'tbelievejustwhathappenedbutofcourseIknewitwasgoingtoo. (I made that word up. It is very much like the statement: "I can't believe just what happened but of course I knew it was going too.")

Its been very rare that I am part of something that shakes the room I stand in.

On November 11, 2016 I was in a room that shook. It shook with excitement. It shook with sound. It shook with voices. It shook with cheers. It shook as a ski erg was pushed, and pushed hard. And we all were moved by seeing Kathy ski her heart out. After she finished skiing a 1000 meters in 3:52.0, she had spent all her energy. It was thrilling to witness such drive, such power, such accomplishment. 

Kathy's journey to her third place ranking in the Concept 2 Ski Erg Sprints World Cup didn't surprise me. I had seen it coming for months. Kathy had been here before. She knew the challenge. She also paid her dues. She started training for her race in the summer. We came up with a training plan and she stuck with it. Every day, she knew her plan. Every day, she executed it. There are not many I know that would stick out a difficult training regime for months just to prove to herself she could. Kathy is that type of person.


Kathy's time amazed me. She is quick, she is powerful, she is determined. I didn't even know Kathy had more than that on her mind. I'll let Kathy tell her story. 

Kathy  Get Fit NH

"This is the hat I received this morning for coming in 3rd place in my age group in the Ski Erg Wold Sprints a couple weeks ago. To the outsider this hat represents the position I finished.

To me, this hat represents much more. First, I was recently challenged to always "be better today than I was yesterday" (I set a new personal record). Thanks Coach Dean for the challenge. Second, this competition reminded me that there is a difference between "winning" and "accomplishing".....a concept I have been focused on lately (for myself and my children). Third, this race came with some personal challenges, and I was able to face, and overcome, some of them. Forth, but most importantly, I was reminded that I have a GREAT bunch of people who are always willing to support me in my goals. A huge shout out to my 9am Get Fit ladies for supporting me before and during the race. I had that support from everyone in my Get Fit NH family! THANK YOU for helping to Make It Happen!!!!"

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