Shining the Light on a New Journey That’s Off to a Great Start

​Brenda Paradis started her journey with us just a few short months ago in September. The transition I have had the honor of seeing this woman make is out of this world. First off, let me just say that her positive and upbeat attitude is contagious. Her humor makes her a great fit at the 5:30 training hour and her work ethic is outstanding. I have had the pleasure of not only observing her body change, but also her confidence and her performance. I truly cannot say enough about how grateful I am to have Brenda as part of the Get Fit Family. I asked her to share her story, because she just started and her positive changes could change your life or someone you know. Just take that first step- listen to how it changed her for the better!

Brenda getting her "I Survived" tshirt on the far right!

1. What was your biggest challenge before starting Get Fit NH?

I had a gained a significant amount of weight over the last 5 years and I slowly became less active. I wasn't making positive health choices and as a result, began experiencing health issues. Fortunately, all of my cardiac and respiratory tests were negative but I continued to have inflammation and terrible joint pain that became self-limiting. One of my biggest challenges, in many ways, was me! I needed to be able to put myself first and make the commitment to make changes in my life recognizing that the weight gain was perpetuating my inactivity and vice versa had become a vicious cycle.

2. How did that challenge make you feel?

Honestly, I was scared! Scared for my health, unhappy and uncomfortable with the effects of my weight gain and deconditioning. I wanted to do something but it was difficult to take the first step. In late August, as I was preparing to send two kids off to college and was contemplating our somewhat 'empty nest' I saw the Get Fit post on Facebook. I looked into it and didn't really spend too much time contemplating - I just jumped in head first and started with the metabolic reboot on September 6th.

3. What changed after starting?

Initially, I thought, Oh my gosh what have you done ... you'll never keep up! Actually, I have really surprised myself and have found that in just 8-10 weeks that I am stronger, healthier and feel so much better! With every class, I gain a little more strength and confidence (all the baby steps are adding up) which is motivating and helps me continue on my journey to health and wellness! I've really not had a day where I didn't want to go to class. In many ways, it's the best part of my day because it's my time ... for me and it's ALOT of fun!

4. What specific results can you share?

First, the coaches have been so supportive and have helped push me in the direction I need to go. I've been able to set challenging goals and achieve them which has been very rewarding! I feel so much better in only a short period of time. I am excited to see the progress I can make in the coming year! I am looking forward to snowshoeing this winter which I used to really enjoy and may even get my skis out!

5. What would you say to someone on the fence about starting?

Don't Think About It ... Be About It! Taking the first step can be scary and difficult but you'll never be alone! What a wonderful group of people and coaches at Get Fit! I would have never imagined such a wonderful experience the first time I walked into their gym! A huge thank you to my Coach Meagan, and Cari, Kristen, and Adam! You guys rock!

And a huge thank you to you, Brenda, for showing up, working hard and making us proud!

Keep making it happen,
Coach Meagan

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