Shining the Lights On Elizabeth!

DId you ever meet someone and just know they had this drive, a determination, a hard working attitude that doesn't quit? That is Elizabeth. I'm so proud of her. She's been training with the 5am crew since the beginning of the summer. She is knocking it out of the park to Make It Happen.   

"I had to make a change in my work out routine, so I stepped into the doors at Get Fit New Hampshire. I sat down with Coach Nancy and we talked about my fitness goals. I told her I needed to lose some body fat and be the best I can physically be in the Army. The first few days were extremely challenging waking up extra early and trying to look alive in front of my new work out buddies! By the time the second week rolled around I couldn’t wait to go to my next class even though I couldn’t walk! Seven months into this program I can run three miles without even thinking about walking, my glutes and quads are a lot more toned then when I began which has always been a struggle for me.

Coach is always there for me on a personal level or a physical level. Nancy is always putting heavier weights in front of me telling me to lift it! Sometimes I don’t think I have that ability then I try it, what’s there to loose besides a little weight? Once I give it a shot and am able to lift it, I get this since of pride that I can accomplish anything the world throws at me.

I love Get Fit I'm always after my friends and family to at least try it with me. They'll customize your work out. There are always extra challenges you can do too. I tried the 21 day detox and now when I eat I’m constantly asking myself where did this come from? Do I have enough protein? Eat more veggies! Anyone who wants a great family to hang out with or a challenge, Get Fit is right for you!"

Elizabeth surprised herself and me by shaving a minute off her run time and increasing all her other scores in her latest PT test. I'm proud of Elizabeth for serving us and our country.

Coach Nancy

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