Shining on Chuck

​It seems all of us are in some way impacted by cancer. Family member, close friend, a co- worker, or you have or are dealing with cancer. The road that cancer takes us down is never an easy one. Chuck is going down this road. He is helping me as I travel this road next to my sister. 

"All my life I have been athletic, in high school I was on the wrestling team, in my adult years I played softball, worked out with the bow flex, did a lot of hiking, went on hiking trips with friends. I am the one that always loved the outdoors, (fishing, hunting etc.). I was in great shape, but over a year ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. The radiation and chemo took everything out of me; I lost 50+ pounds, my stamina, my confidence and my muscles were gone. I hated the way I looked and felt. It made it difficult to keep up with the Debris and cleaning company. But I pushed through and was able to get back on track, once I was cleared and now cancer free I was looking to get back into shape. I needed my confidence back.

My wife and I moved to Epsom the first of the year 2016; we didn’t know anyone and we pretty much stayed to ourselves.

She didn’t like how she felt so she decided try out Get Fit, she would come home every night and tell me about the class, she would say “you should go”. I was apprehensive because I didn’t think it was what I was looking for. After about a month of her going and coming home all excited about the class, she finally convinced me to go. I’ve been going now for about 5 months and even though I’m still a work in progress I can honestly say I feel so much better about myself. I can’t wait to see what the next 5 months holds in store for me. So glad I joined. Love the Get Fit Family." - Chuck

Chuck and Marquita are lighting up the 6pm training in Epsom. They cheer on, push, and help out those in their crew. I'm proud of Chuck and Marquita. Watch out for them.  

Coach Nancy

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