A Shining Star From Our 4:15 Class!

Our very own Suzanne! She is shining bright today in the spotlight and it is well deserved! One of the greatest perks to being a coach is watching people build confidence and step out of their comfort zone. Suzanne does this every single day. I remember when she first started and how nervous she was about getting hurt. She truly believed she could not be trained because of some challenges and pains she faces on a daily basis. She has proved to us and more importantly herself that she is capable of SO much more than she thought!

On top of a great story, Suzanne also has one of the most positive and upbeat personalities in the gym. Her presence is known! She is hardly ever NOT there, but when she is away, it is noticed! Her enthusiasm and hard work is truly a blessing and we are lucky to have her. This is what she has to say...

"I chose GFNH, because before I joined they evaluated my physical abilities through the Functional Movement Screen and then modified certain exercises so I could do them without hurting myself. This individual attention is not something you get at a typical gym and really sold me on training with GFNH.

The results I have experienced are increased stamina, strength and flexibility and a confidence in my physical self that has long evaded me. I no longer consider myself clumsy or accident prone , but strong and balanced. At 64, I didn't think I'd feel like that again, but training with the coaches at GFNH has made a huge improvement in my daily life.

And that's why I keep coming back. My shape is changing too. Clothes aren't tight anymore. You can do this training at any age and get results.

If you're undecided about training at GFNH, attend a class and see the camaraderie of the group. Watch the coaches helping individuals with their form. But more importantly think how you can feel being fit and strong and doing the things that make life fun. If that's you important to you, make this investment in yourself.​"

Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful testimonial. I am so proud of you and far you have come! Keep up the hard work and THANK YOU for your commitment.

Coach Meagan

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