We are shouting out from the roof tops our perfect attendance recipients for the last 4 weeks! We know it is hard to get in here sometimes and we so appreciate you making us a part of your day! We will NOT take for granted that you CHOOSE to train with Get Fit NH. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you for all of your hard work, your dedication and your commitment to your health. Make sure you give yourself a high five for making it happen and also these students who made perfect attendance!

*April Han
*Betty Holmes
*Chris Ward
*June Fredette
*Mallory Drew
*Tom Barkertfwshirt
*Abby Jones
*Carol Ringo
*Lori Boucher Nichol
*Mary Ellen Moretto
*Lisa Moquin
*Tracy Dow
*Doris Anderson
*John Laroche
*Kristine Girard
*Mae Lynn Arlinghaus
*Tracy Lothrop
*Kate Nadler
*Emily Rice
*Jere Smith
*Becky Lovell
-Shannon Gile
*Cristina Kearns
*Deb Rosenthal
*Adam Rosenthal
*Karen Anderson
*Kate Fox
*Kelly Gauthier
*Marie Oosterman
*Karen Knowles

Bravo ladies and gentleman. It is an honor to be your coach! Keep making it happen- who is joining this list for March???

Coach Meagan

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