Sizzlin’ Summer Slimdown Winner Jeff Huckins Tells His Story

For those of you who don’t know Jeff, you are really missing out! This guy gets in here and makes it happen every single day! In the story below he references that his weigh in November of 2010 was over 375 pounds. Here we are in mid-May 2011, and at last weigh in Jeff was 286.4. Do the math, that is nearly 90 pounds lost  since that time – that’s Making It Happen! Read Jeff’s story below for his “super secret” strategy 🙂  Great work Jeff! – Coaches Dean & Nancy

Well let’s see here, where do I start? For those of you who do not know me my name is Jeff and I am one of the crazy people who drag themselves into the Concord gym at 5:00 in the morning.

I have fought with my weight my whole life and by November of last year tipped the scale at 375 plus pounds. I knew something had to be done to lose the weight and improve my overall health but also felt as though I had tried, and failed at, everything.

In the preceding year I watched three of my overweight coworkers lose dramatic amounts of weight. Two of them had bypass surgery and took the weight off at an amazing rate. This “easy” option intrigued me and I had many very candid conversations with both people. I even went so far as to attend a seminar at CMC with one of them and get my doctor’s blessing to take the next step.

This option comes with many risks, no guarantee of success, and quite frankly scared the %$*# out of me.  This being said, I was still seriously considering it.

Over the last year, I had also been watching my good friend Karl very closely and started to notice several changes. Even before his weight loss became obvious his lifestyle changes stood out to me. Here he was still eating a good amount of food, although very different types then before and losing weight at a steady rate month after month.

I also would see him leaving work in shorts and a tank top wearing shoes that made him look like he had monkey feet. Dean may know the type of shoes I am talking about. I started talking with Karl more and more about what he was doing and he convinced me with his words and actions that this was for me.

The next thing I am about to say is perhaps one of the more difficult things I have ever had to admit. So here it goes “Karl was right.” There I said it. If you’re reading this Karl take a minute to enjoy it because you are not likely to hear me utter those words again. On a serious note, thank-you for steering me towards boot camp.

It was November and I had made up my mind to give boot camp a try before I move any closer to the surgical option. I figured if nothing else it would help me lose the required amount of weight mandated before I could qualify to go under the knife.

I was on Dean and Nancy’s waiting list for around two months when I got the call to come give boot camp a try for a couple of weeks. I enrolled in the program full time starting the first of January.

I showed up to boot camp on the first morning expecting that it would be like a fat farm or an episode of the biggest loser. Boy was I wrong. The first member I met was Dennis, a tall thin man in incredible shape. In the name of conversation, I asked “what are you doing here?” He answered by saying that this is how he stays in shape during the triathlon off-season.

I remember thinking to myself, “Boy am I in trouble!” and I was right.

I remember watching as the rest of the members walked in, most only slightly overweight if even at all. I was and still am by far the largest person in our class. By the end of the first “active warm-up” I was ready to start cooling down. I did what I could on that first day and left feeling pretty discouraged by the end of class. Everyone was patting my back and telling me I did a great job, and that I started one of the most difficult days that they had ever seen, it will get easier.

Looking back, I greatly appreciate the positive commentary even though the truth may have been being stretched just a little bit. In the past few months I have seen several new people start the program and amazingly, just like me, they have all started on one of the most challenging days ever.

The truth is every day is challenging for me, and everyone in every class. There is no finish line, if you can do ten push-ups today, try for eleven tomorrow. The first two weeks were definitely the most difficult for me. I remember wishing that my truck had an automatic transmission because shifting was so painful. I hurt in places that I didn’t know I had muscles.

Since that first morning my overall health has improved dramatically. I feel that I have made positive and meaningful changes in my life that I can live with long term. I try to follow the PPW (Protein, Produce & Water every 3 hours) concept 95% of the time; however I do allow myself to indulge also. In the past I have been way too strict on myself, causing me to fall off the wagon completely and regain all the weight I would lose along with a few bonus pounds.  Now, if I have cake and ice cream at a birthday party this afternoon I enjoy it and eat a healthy dinner.

As far as exercise goes, I am hooked on boot camp. On the days that we do not have class I  seek out other ways to fill the void. I spent the winter months on snowshoes and am now starting to do some running. I have worked up to the point where I can jog five miles fairly comfortably. I feel that I am a positive person for the most part. I love life and hope that these changes will give me a few extra years of it.

The most important factor for success is anyone’s life is their support structure. Mine is huge and solid as a rock. My wife is a constant source of encouragement. Although I know she would still be there for me if I weighed 500 Lbs., I also know she is pleased to see my overall health improving. Karl’s and Jill’s continuing success and his constant ribbing keep me motivated. Dennis has been so supportive and has encouraged me from day one. The poor man has sacrificed himself as my band-buddy.

Considering the size difference he is incredibly hard to drag across the floor. I am looking forward to doing a 5K with him by the end of the summer. Dean and CJ do an incredible job keeping the workouts fresh and fun. They really do believe in what they are doing and are great at it. I have never met Nancy in person, but according to what I have heard she is a lot like Dean only better at everything she does. (Sorry Dean, but that’s the word on the street)

The entire 5AM class in concord is AWESOME. Thanks for the encouragement and sorry to anyone who has slipped in one of my puddles of sweat. Finally, I would like to thank the five pounds of simulated fat that occasionally shows up for a work out, gets tossed around the room, and motivates us all.

Thanks to everyone, Jeff

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