Speed…Highly Touted, Rarely Understood

Beginning on July 11th, Get Fit NH’s Athlete Academy will be hosting a Speed Academy for 6 weeks running through the end of the summer at 12pm every Monday.

Speed is an athletic trait that is always highly recruited and highly touted as one of the most important parts of athletics.  However, building speed is all about certain principles that can not be accomplished simply by picking up heavy weights.

Speed, if harnessed incorrectly, can lead to more injury and harm than good. speed academy

At our Speed Academy, not only will you get faster, but also learn how to build speed to give you real results, without the risk of injury further down the road.

For any questions about our Speed Academy please contact Coach Adam at Adam@getfitnh.com!

The Speed Academy can be attended for $149 for the 6-week program, or as an add on for current Athlete Academy athletes for only $49!!

For additional information and to sign up please follow the link below:

Get Fit NH Athlete Academy

Its going to be a fantastic 6 weeks. YOU WILL GET FASTER! THAT’S MY GUARANTEE!!

-Coach Adam

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