I Spot Pam Shining!

​Its easy to spot Pam in training. She's the one with the smile on her face all the time. Pam has often asked me specific questions that will help her reach a short term goal best. She knows where she is currently and she knows where she wants to get to. She is doing the consistent work every day to get herself there. She recently took a trip. While she was gone she had asked if I could design some training for her. She sent me daily emails letting me know she had just finished her stuff. She is that kind of a person. She Makes It Happen. 

Pam (left) and Kathy at the Christmas party!

"The reason I came to Get Fit NH is easy to answer. I am a pediatric occupational therapist who works in the school system and have been for 32 years now. At 54 I started noticing that I was losing my strength and agility. I was struggling to pick students up that I needed to assist into their adaptive equipment and apparatus that I use. I knew I had to do something but hated the thought of going to a gym to lift weights or workout on machines. I also battle the bulge and have most my life, I started to notice that I could no longer sit comfortably on the floor with my students. I knew I had to loose some weight if I wanted to continue to get up and down from the floor and be able to squat next to my students.

I decided to try Get Fit after seeing a friend of mine that I had not seen for a while at a beach get together. She looked amazing, having lost weight and toned up. When I asked her what she had done, she told me about the Get Fit NH gym in Epsom. I decided right then and there I was going to check it out. So on August 1st I showed up for the 9:00 a.m. Ladies Only class. I figured if I was going to do this I wanted to go to a class with women who might be in the same boat as me and would not be too judgmental. Not going to lie, that first class was a killer for me. I had no idea what I was doing and could barely do any of it, but instead of being judged, I was encouraged by all present to keep coming and they were all so helpful when I couldn't quite do an exercise right. The biggest encouragement of all always came from Coach Nancy, she made me want to come back each day and try again.

Two weeks went by quickly and I was hooked. In that two weeks I could feel a difference already and knew I had found the gym for me. In two weeks I learned that I can do this, you are never too old to start, there were no more excuses, just keep showing up and they will modify the exercises to your ability level and encourage you to try the next step when they think you are ready.

I am completing month six and I feel amazing. I am so much stronger and even though my school schedule and life only allow me to get to the gym 2 times a week, it has made a huge difference. No more struggling to lift kids, my balance has improved and I can squat to their level again and join them on the floor. I have also taken advantage of the many other things this gym offers besides the exercise. I am just starting my second round of the 21 Day plus Challenge. I have attended nutrition classes and their crock pot meal workshop. As a result of better eating and sticking to it, I am down 20 pounds which is a 1/4 of the way to my personal goal.

What was really amazing as it has never happened before, I went through the Holiday season and only gained 1/2 a pound, usually I am good to gain 7 or more! This gym is truly like no other, there is never any pressure to attend and participate in all the many other things they offer. They make coming to training fun. Where else can you wear a tutu on a Tuesday in October, wear all my many Christmas hats, hear a good joke and share a common goal with people........to get more fit. Due to my school schedule I now go to the 4:00 p.m. class and feel just as welcome as I did in the ladies only class. I wasn't sure about working out with men at my age, but they are just as encouraging and non-judgmental.

This is another special thing about this gym, you can jump into any class that fits your schedule for the day and everyone in it is so welcoming and supportive. The Get Fit Coaches are so caring, where else would you get an email to check in if you missed a class? Where else would your fellow trainees notice that you weren't in class and tell you you were missed when you didn't come to class for a week? Where else do your coaches and fellow trainees ask if there is anything they can do to help when you are struggling in class or your personal life? The personal attention given compares to nothing I have ever experienced. Their motto of "Make It Happen" is something I now believe I can do, I already made my number one reason for joining Happen, to get stronger and my number two reason is a work in progress that with their continued support I know I will achieve too. Thank you to everyone I have met and that have encouraged me to keep going these past six months. I can't wait to see changes will occur in the next 6 months and beyond."

Keep Making It Happen, Pam, and always keep smiling. It's contagious!

-Coach Nancy

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