Spotlight is Bright on Adam

Adam and his wife Deb have been a part of the Get Fit NH family for a long time. Each time I see Adam, I get a big hug and a smile that usually means trouble. But Adam surprised me with an email soon after the 21Day +Nutrition Challenge was over. I think it surprised Adam too. 

"I (Adam) was stuck in a food rut.  I had joined Get Fit NH 7 years ago. At that point I was eating lousy, just ask my wife, Deb. Since joining I was eating much healthier but I cheated with carbs and sugar on the weekends and after training. I finally took the plunge and did the 21 Day + Nutrition Challenge. This program helped me get back on track and shed 18 pounds. I got rid of the bloated stomach feeling and improved my athletic performance.

Last weekend at the Crash B's in Boston, MA I was able to bring my 2000 Meter Rowing Erg time down by 20 seconds. That time blew past my pre-challenge time four (4) weeks earlier. I was always skeptical that your programs which cut back on carbs would leave me energy depleted for competitions but this is FALSE. I stepped off the rowing erg this past weekend in Boston feeling great and I recovered very quickly afterwards. I recovered much more quickly than ever in the past without joint pain or muscle discomfort. I am now energized and empowered to keep moving forward...I can't wait to see if I can lower my Half Marathon time and Ski Erg 1000 Meter time this fall. I know have to remember to drink enough water too. I didn't go into the 21 Day+ Challenge looking to lose time off my performance. What a great side benefit. Thanks."

I can't wait to see what another 18 pounds down does to his time on the rower. Watch out Boston. ​

-Coach Nancy

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