Spotlight Couples Edition Ray and Anne

The spotlight is shining bright on a very special Get Fit NH couple. Ray Orzechowski and Anne LaForce. These two train so hard every day and they bring smiles and encouragement to everyone they encounter. I am so glad that these two choose to train with us. I am reminded every year that it is because of Anne that Concord came to be! It is very much because of Anne that I get to have the best job in the world and it is very much because of Anne that YOU are here too! So whenever you are sore, thank Anne ;-)! In all seriousness, these two are so influential and I am excited to share a little bit of their story today.


“Anne started training at GFNH 7 years ago, after seeing an ad for a “bootcamp” that looked very intriguing. Even though we lived in Concord, she traveled to Epsom 4 days a week for the 9am ladies class. It was March of 2009, and it was a recovery week the third week she was there. She was bummed, as she was just getting into her routine, and even asked Nancy for some exercises to do on her own. Anne now looks forward to those weeks off!

She kept bugging Nancy and Dean about when they would have a class in Concord, and a few months later they started at Concord Dance Academy. She was nervous to train under Dean, as he was pretty intimidating, but we’ve now come to realize that Nancy is really in charge!

It was Anne’s continued enthusiasm and excitement about the training that got Ray interested. Ray started training in January of 2010. He has been a faithful “ 5 AM’er” for the past 6 years, and truly enjoys the special bond that has formed with his fellow early birds! We both have definitely gained strength and muscles and are truly enjoying the daily challenge and variety. As we’ve continued to train, we have seen such great improvements in our outside pursuits. We have become better mountain bikers and skiers, and feel so much stronger and more fit. For Anne, the nutrition coaching has been very beneficial and she has made positive changes in her eating habits. Although Ray has not participated in the nutritional benefits available through Get Fit NH, Anne’s healthier habits have certainly made him more aware of the benefits that eating a healthier diet can make. anneandray

Training together at Get Fit has been a blast. We are able to commiserate about sore muscles, compare our workouts, and stay fit together. We bike and ski often and it is such a great way to stay in shape. Working out at Get Fit NH has provided tremendous balance to our lives as we try to manage the everyday elements of work, family, community involvement, and all the other aspects that we all try to master. I’m certain that the level of stress in our lives would be far greater were it not for the “release valve” that training provides!

Even after all these years, we love the variety of training. No two days are ever the same. With the MyZone we can monitor our workouts in real time to track changes. Anne uses the HRV to assess her daily readiness for training. We try to take advantage of everything Dean and Nancy have to offer. With their desire to constantly change and improve, we are all the beneficiaries, and we both anticipate being with them for many more years!”

So there you have it. It is amazing how someone else’s influence can change your life and because of that touch hundreds of others. Who are you influencing to be better?

Thank you Ray and Anne for being such a bright part of my day. Your hard work is more appreciated than you know.

Keep making it happen,
Coach Meagan





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