The Spotlight is on Sara and She is Shining Bright

In each training session, there are those who take charge of their crew and lead with a loud voice, others lead using charisma and charm, still others lead with their actions. Sara is a leader who shows you her determination and strength through what she does. It is a true joy to have Sara train with us at Get Fit NH. Because of her schedule she makes her training a priority but that also allows so many of us in Epsom to know her. She has hit every training time. Enough from me, Sara has kindly written down her story.

Sarah w

“I’ve always considered myself to be an athlete, and feel best when I’m moving. I played all kinds of sports growing up, was a rower in college, and love being outside and hiking in the mountains. Up until my first son was born, being active and strong was a routine part of my life. I have two little boys who are 5 and 3, and about two years ago, once my youngest turned 2, it was harder and harder to honestly look in the mirror and see myself as the active, strong person I knew I wanted to be. I started to look around at gyms in the area, I knew that I wanted to go someplace where I’d be held accountable, and could rely on somebody besides myself to get back in shape. As a wife and mom and professor, looking back, I think what I was really looking for was an hour of time where I didn’t have to think or be in charge or make decisions—I could just show up and do what I was told. I looked at my time as a break from the rest of my life—a little bit of time when I could take care of only me. And from the beginning, I loved it. And was reminded of what had been missing from my life for the past few years. And the longer I’ve been with Get Fit, the more tools I’ve been given to keep feeling better and better.

I first started working out at the Concord gym, and for the first six weeks went 4 times a week. I mentioned that I loved the training from the beginning, which is true…but I spent much of the first month with lots of sore muscles! Within a short amount of time, though, I could feel myself getting stronger, and especially once I started to listen to the nutritional part of the training at Get Fit, I could see big changes in what my body looked and felt like. It’s hard to say what’s most important to me about being a part of Get Fit. I am constantly inspired by the coaches, and have trained next to many amazing people. While I see the training as a fun challenge, and look forward to walking in, looking at the board to see what I’ll get to do that day, I think the part that has had a bigger influence on my life is the way in which we’re encouraged to think about nutrition. In the last year, because of detoxes and the summer challenges, I’ve made significant changes to how I eat, and more importantly, how I think about food. Get Fit has reminded me that food is fuel. Do I still love ice cream? Definitely. Do I always drink enough water? No. But do I know what I can do to in order to feel like my body is working optimally? Yep, and most importantly, I have learned to be more in tune to what I need nutritionally, and the steps I can take to get it to that point. I think this combination of being pushed in training to go a little bit harder, longer, heavier, smarter…plus the nutritional knowledge that is constantly shared with us, has made me feel better than I have in years. Over the past year, I’ve run my first half-marathon, finished hiking all of the 4000-footers with my husband, and had to go out and buy a smaller sized wardrobe!

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For the past 18 months, I’ve trained twice a week at Epsom, and though there are weeks when I struggle to make it to training as much as I’d like, I can’t imagine life without Get Fit. There are times I fight to balance work and family and training…some months I’m more successful than others at juggling my responsibilities at work and at home. Some weeks I don’t always make it to training as much as I would like—or at all. And there are times when I know I’ll be getting an email from Nancy wondering

where I’ve been! I still struggle to balance all of the pulls on my time and to recognize that it’s okay to take that few hours a week for myself. But thanks to Get Fit, I’m sold on the idea that when I give myself this time, I am a better wife, mother, teacher, and person.”

On top of all this Sara and I share the same birthday. How cool is that? 🙂

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