Spotlight Shines on 2 Athlete Academy Stars

Jacob Nichol SpotlightLadies and gentleman- for the first time ever, I come to you with a spotlight from my Athlete Academy. Two weeks ago Athlete Academy finished up another successful session. However, the following week held something else that made it even better.

After the end of Athlete Academy, Concord High won the state meet for track and field! Two of my athletes, Jacob Nichol (pictured to the right) and Sam Orzechowski, both were a part of that team. They were two of my hardest working students and they both made a consistent effort to be here (8am on a Saturday for highschoolers is not exactly easy, I’ve been there…) as well as lift heavy and push themselves every time.  I am extremely proud of the both of them and look forward to continuing to work with them over the summer! Great job Jacob and Sam! See you in a couple weeks!

-Coach Adam

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