Spotlight Shines on Julia

10487422_748639205193746_2483867101346381821_nThis week’s student spotlight shines on Julia Barton, who trains at Get Fit NH Epsom. We are so excited to share Julia’s story with you! She returned to training with us last spring and has been doing better than fantastic. She works so hard and is very dedicated. Her motivation shows in all the progress she has made. We are so proud of her and hope that her story will encourage you to make it happen!

(We asked Julia a couple of questions about her experience at Get Fit NH and here is what she had to say.)

Why did you come to Get Fit NH?

“When I first came to Get Fit NH in 2012, it was because I needed to find a “gym” that I would feel comfortable at and actually want to go to. I wanted to be able to do those things that I used to do 10 years ago and I wanted to be as healthy as I could be to start trying for a baby. I started going to training 4 days a week from January to May of 2012. I felt great and could keep up with my husband when hiking or walking without being out of breath. Then, during my pregnancy, I was sick for the first 5 months and was on anti-nausea meds so that I could get to work and function. The only thing that seemed to go down and make my stomach better was Eggo Waffles – yup, waffles. I usually stay away from breads, so all the carbs made me gain weight – 60 pounds – during my pregnancy. I welcomed Caleb on May 18, 2013 and lost 40 pounds within 2 weeks of birth as a lot of it was water weight gain. Almost a year later, I had gained 20 pounds back and was not happy or comfortable with my weight. So, I signed back up in March of 2014 and made the time to come in 2 times a week. It was a bit rough to get back into it and it was difficult for me to do a lot of the exercises. I chugged on and had done well with the commitment of going twice a week, but I needed to do more about losing the weight. In August, I joined another weight loss group at work and started to eat better and lose weight. I didn’t follow their plan, but the peer support and weekly weigh-ins helped me stay on track. I started sending everything I ate to Coach Nancy as a recommendation from her since it was hard for me to log everything. I have lost at least 26 pounds since late August!!”

What did you learn after you first 2 weeks with Get Fit NH?

“I learned that Get Fit NH was the place for me. I loved how it was like having your own trainer even though you’re in a group with others. And, I loved that you didn’t have to think about what exercises you were going to do. It was very easy for me – not the workout part, but the part about going to training.”

How do you feel after training with Get Fit NH for this long?

“I feel so fortunate that I am able to do this for myself. It’s a bit more expensive than a regular “gym”, but it is totally worth it. You can’t put a dollar value on your health. I had hit a point where I was ready to make a big change; I gave it my all and didn’t give up just because it was hard. I see such a change in myself. I am able to keep up with my 20 month old, I can do more things in training that I couldn’t do when I started, and mostly, I feel good about myself! I still want to lose another 20 pounds but I feel good about where I am now because I did it the right way, I had to work really hard, and it feels really good to see the results. I have found that most good things don’t come easy; you have to work really hard for them. But in the end, after all the hard work, it makes it so much better. It gives you more respect for whatever it is that you just worked for. I have found that life is too short to be unhappy, whether it be with your weight, your job, or something else. I am the only one that can make those changes for myself, and I did.”

What has your overall experience at Get Fit NH been like?

“I have had the greatest experience at Get Fit NH. Coach Nancy is the greatest!! She pushes me when I need it and helps me when I need a little more attention, like if my back is out, which felt like most of my training in 2012. Most people would give up and think they couldn’t do it, but Nancy always gave me stretches and variations to work on so I could still come and get the most out of training. I love how there is a mix of all sorts of people who go, it’s makes it a more comfortable environment to be in. No one judges you and everyone has their own goals, which is great. I recommend Get Fit NH to everyone!!

I love coming and hope to make it a lifelong goal. I just can’t thank you enough for all of your support. I really don’t know how you are able to do that for everyone you work with and still make it feel genuine and meaningful. Thank you.”

Julia has made great strides in her health over the past year, and she’s committed to doing even more. This last week Julia and I did a Get Fit NH Kitchen Makeover. Now Julia’s kitchen supports her goal. It also goes along with her hard work in training. We are super proud of Julia’s success and we can’t wait to see it continue!

Thank you for training with us, Julia!

Coach Nancy




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