The Spotlight is Shining on a 6:15 Star!

The 6:15 crew celebrates Stacy's birthday!

The 6:15 crew celebrates Stacy’s birthday!

I can’t imagine Get Fit NH 6:15 Epsom without Stacy. She brings life to the party each training day. Not only does she encourage her team, but she wows me as her coach. I am truly thankful Stacy has chosen to train at Get Fit NH. She’ll inspire you with her story but to truly experience all Stacy stands for, you’ll have to visit us and the 6:15 crew.

“I am not the type of person to work out or join a gym by myself so I always went with my friend Diane. We did the Planet Fitness and Anytime scene but it was boring and not challenging. Diane signed up for Get Fit. She asked me to join. Honestly, hearing the price I said no way, I continued on my Planet Fitness $10 per month and not gong because I was alone. After Diane moved I did the math and realized how wrong I was and signed for my 2-week trial.

Stacy & Tom worked together to break a slam ball

Stacy & Tom worked together to break a slam ball

My 1st day I was a nervous wreck. Will people like me? Will I look like an idiot? Am I strong enough for bootcamp? Ugh I won’t know anyone…. HUGE issues for me. I found myself with the 6:15 crew. I walked in the door and they were all smiles and I did know a few. Phew! First workout done and I didn’t die. Then a month later, I got my “I Survived” t-shirt. I was so proud of myself for making it, I put the shirt on right away.

What I learned after my first month… I remember this day like it was yesterday… We were laying on the benches doing arm presses. In my whiniest voice ever, I said “I CAN’T do it”. Nancy’s response… “Hey, read the wall!”. And that was it, I was hooked. For me I need someone to push me or I will find the first way out. I realized that day that I was stronger than I thought.

Now in my 4th year I am more attached to this gym than ever. Nancy, Dean and my 6:15 family have taught me so much about myself. We laugh, sweat, and share accomplishments together. We truly are a family where people care about each other. I love being around them daily.

stacy spotlight 1My experience here has been fantastic. I have people excited for me as they push me to lift heavier or do more squat thrusts. I have learned that I need to balance my workouts and my eating choices. Nancy has taught me so much about nutrition. I got married 2 years ago and like any bride you want to fit into your wedding dress. I jokingly asked Nancy if we could do exercises to get rid of my back fat. She looked at me and simply said, “change your eating”. That stuck with me. I changed what I was eating and I fit into my dress. Then I did my first detox and realized how food affects my skin. Another life changing result. Now after doing 3 detoxes and doing my first S3 challenge, I have created new healthy habits for my nutrition. I am down over 15 pounds, a body full of muscles and a happy, healthy lifestyle. There is nothing sexier in a person as the confidence that shines through them. Get Fit has given me that confidence.

To my Get Fit 6:15 family, past and present: I love you all. Thank you for taking that shy girl and accepting her, then changing her into the go getter I am today! I’m so glad you pushed me out of my comfort zone to where I’m signing up for road races and Muderella’s. I now strive to stay a better version of me and get the next year’s t-shirt. There is a reason Get Fit has been chosen #1 gym in NH! WOOO!

Love you Get Fit!!

Oh my, I almost forgot – they taught me to love Brussel sprouts and bear crawls. Ha ha!”

Keeping on shining, Stacy!
-Coach Nancy

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