The Spotlight is Shining Bright

On Cara Leuchtenberger, of course! I asked Cara to share her story with us, because I have seen an INCREDIBLE change in her over the past 4 months she has been training with us. It didn't take long for Cara to dive in and start getting results. When I first met Cara she was so shy and very nervous about training. Now when I look at her train you would think she has been here for years. She has totally come out of her shell and it is clear that her confidence level has improved drastically. Cara's story is awesome- keep making it happen, Cara!

What drove you to check out Get Fit NH?

I am someone who has always exercised alone. I love to swim, walk and have also done couch-to-5K training to the point where I dragged myself through a half marathon in 2009. πŸ™‚ But in the last few years I have really floundered - saying I would start something and then feeling good for a while and then life would get in the way, and since I was only accountable to myself, I would stop. Recently, I have gained more weight, and was having back and knee pain. I am a hospice and palliative care nurse, so I see people all of the time during health crises, and decided that, at the rate I was going, I was going to be an 88 year old woman who could not walk without pain. Coming to Get Fit, where the name of the game is showing up day after day and working out with a group of people, was WAY outside of my comfort zone, but I am so grateful I made myself fill out that form on Facebook so Nancy would call me. I also had the positive feedback from my friend Jayne, who has been coming for years and gently encouraged me to try it.

What did you learn after your first 2 weeks?

I learned that I could do it! And I learned that I actually LIKED it! I was so pumped after those first two weeks. I felt welcomed (it helps that some of my kids' teachers are in the 6:15 class!), and even though I felt a bit like a deer in headlights (I had never seen a ski erg, never picked up a kettle bell and what the heck is a TRX??), everyone was helpful and nice.

Why did you choose to stay after your 2 weeks?

I was already feeling better. Even though my muscles were sore, I was sleeping better and my back pain was gone. I was also feeling better emotionally - just generally happier and more energetic. And after meeting with Meagan and seeing all of the cold, hard facts (the fat/muscle ratio! the full body scan! the weight on the scale! eek!!), I decided that it was important for me as a person, a mom, and a caregiver to make the time for myself each week, especially as I was feeling better already. The other great thing was getting involved in a challenge right away. Meagan suggested that I talk with Stacey about the S3 challenge, and it was a great way to get to know some new people and to have a concrete goal.

What results have you seen?

I am stronger than I was. I can flex my arm and see a baby muscle under my layer of subcutaneous fat. πŸ™‚ I can to things in class today that I could not do when I started in April. I feel better emotionally and now my aches and pains are boot camp-related, rather than from weakness and under-use of my body. I have lost some weight and some inches, of course, but more exciting to me is the boost in my mood, the comments people make when they see me ("You look great! So happy!"), and being able to do things that I could not have dreamed of doing a few months ago.

Overall, I am so, so happy that I took a big step out of my comfort zone. I am so excited about Get Fit - the training, the people, the supportive coaching - and I tell everyone who asks me! I know that going forward I am going to continue to set realistic goals, as I would like to build more muscle, lose fat and be stronger. One day I WILL be able to do a real squat thrust! I am grateful to be able to imagine these goals and to actually (finally!) believe they are attainable. Yay!

I asked Cara to share here story in hopes that she can encourage YOU to make it happen, too!
-Coach Meagan

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