The Spotlight is Shining on June

 June has been a part of the Get Fit NH family since March 2014. She has an incredible story that I know many of you can relate to. June started off training four days a week at 5:30pm in Concord. After a few months her schedule became more challenging. Instead of throwing in the towel she decided to train two days a week in the morning in Epsom and two nights in Concord. June has remained committed and results speak for themselves! It has been a pleasure coaching June this past year and I am excited to see her continue to achieve her goals! I hope her story insprires you to make positive changes despite past or current circumstances. Just ask June, you won’t regret it!

I was very honored when asked by Coach Erin to share some of my story — so here it goes…. When you see me in my before picture please  know that I was at one of the many heavy times in my life (again).  I had been at that familiar place before … Lost and gained weight many, many times throughout my life– I was never an athletic type of person.  I was the bat and ball manager on the girls softball team in high school…. I hated the presidential physical fitness awards from Junior high— never could do those chin ups!! As an adult I would exercise on and off, but hated even the idea of being sweaty!!!    (Oh Boy has that changed)

 I always wanted to be a normal size, but loved the comfort of food too much and have wrestled with the whole mess my whole life.  Here is a list of some of the food programs I have used over the years; Weight Watchers ( 6 times ) TOPS ( Take Off Pound Sensibly )  Overcoming Overeating workshop, Over Eaters Anonymous, Aromatrim ( purchased on an infomercial )  The Neuropsychology of Weight Loss (another late night purchase) Free to be Thin,  YMCA fitness program, Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, and probably many other home grown diets and exercise routines throughout the years… Even met with a registered dietitian before I found Get Fit NH .

I was battling migraines, stomach pain problems, joint pain, low self esteem and low motivation (living on Pebtobismol nightly and Prilosec  and Ibuprofen )  I was getting worn out with life, work etc….I remember trying to have some fun outside  with my grandchildren in the snow —  but by the 3rd trip up the hill pulling a couple of them in the sled,  I felt half dead!!    I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and crappy, but I was so afraid to fail AGAIN at any attempt to be healthy—-that I had stopped trying—but I knew I  had to do something so I  decided to give it one more try. I found Get Fit quite by accident searching for a diet program in Concord, NH I heard advertised on the radio … I couldn’t remember the name so luckily my search online some how took me to the Get Fit website.  I read all the Coaches Bio’s and some of the student spotlight stories– they were all very inspiring……

The 2 week free trial really made me feel like ……Well…….what do I have to loose?

And  it hooked me in—

June before


June after



And then I tried

And I cried…..

And I tried again

And I cried again….

And during the 2 week trial I thought maybe I am way worse than I thought I was– I mean I knew I was in tough shape… but I didn’t realize how INEPT I felt till that 2 week trial— and 2 things happened that made me stay…. As I was walking to my car during that first week of trial training and crying my eyes out cause I was so sore and out of shape and felt sooooo incapable another fellow client in her kindness saw me sobbing my way to my car across the parking lot and yelled over to me  “ It gets BETTER ! “

(thanks Jill)  She was right— her timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

The second great thing that kept me coming was when I was almost ready to decide  (in the first 2 weeks) that this program probably wasn’t meant to be for me because I couldn’t even get to the training on time— I got tied up at work one night and arrived too late for the 5:30 class— Not to mention that I was sore, felt so inept, didn’t know anyone there, figured I would just fail again anyway , blah,blah,blah… why bother?  So I sat in my car, tears streaming down my face and wrote a little note for Erin that I was NOT going to continue— luckily she stopped me in the foyer area after I tried to leave her the note without being noticed…She has the eyes of a hawk you know! She stopped me in the Foyer— I don’t remember our whole conversation, but I know it involved a lot of crying on my part and apologizing for being late and explaining that this just wasn’t meant to be for me to get better etc…. and she told me — “June, I really think this program is for you. I want you to right now go get yourself a yogurt snack and some water and go relax for a bit and come back to the 6:45 training— we want you … if you want to…. “

At that moment it was like  she was throwing out the life preserver to the sinking soul on the stormy sea.…And I grabbed it!

And I am so grateful that I did! Needless to say I did come back for the 6 :45 class that day  and I haven’t stopped since. Get Fit NH has all the tools you need to save your life, but you have to be willing to grab on and hang on and listen and trust and believe your coaches and feel the support of the others around you who have been there or are trying just like you are.  I remember feeling so vulnerable, like the new kid in the class  and being so grateful to people like Sarah, another client,  who warmly welcomed me and shared her success story with me and kept and eye out for me when I wasn’t sure what to do next.   There are so ,so many good folks here.  I have seen so many changes in myself, my attitude, my health, the way I eat, my weight, my strength. No more headaches or stomach pains. No more prilosec. I am down 30 pounds now since joining last March— I cannot believe it has already been a year!

 I sure have come a long way from that emotional ball of jelly I was when I first started— don’t get me wrong— I still can be pretty sensitive and I still have some of jelly to loose, but I am certainly heading in the right direction .  I have learned that it is OKAY to put myself first. It does not mean I am selfish— it means self caring.  And if I take care of me then I will be around a long time, God willing,  for  my family  and friends whom I love so much.  This  spring and summer my husband and I will be expecting more grandchildren ….number 7, 8 and 9  — I want to be able to keep up with these kiddos— they are an awesome blessing that I want to enjoy for years to come and thanks to GET FIT NH and the coaches and the whole Get Fit Families in both Concord and Epsom I train with I feel awesome !!  I also feel happy and strong and confident and it seems I’ve found the answer to the battle— that there IS strength in numbers, accountability, fun, fitness, education, nutrition, support…….Don’t try to do it alone….. Grab a lifesaving rope when it comes to you and come get into the life boat at Get Fit NH !   

Love June

We are so proud of June and so thankful that she chooses to train at Get Fit NH!

You too can make it happen,

Coach Erin

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