The Spotlight is Shining On…..

Cynthia Proulx is a new family member at Get Fit NH but already her presence has made us all turn our heads. Cynthia let us know right away what she felt the first few days at Get Fit NH. “As a new member I’m sure I am not going to answer this as well as other family members. With that said, I like the idea of the family atmosphere, everyone is very friendly, and the nutrition class has really helped me. I have been exercising all my life, dancing, gymnastics, ballet, Gloria Stevens, skiing, running, basketball, gym memberships for the last 30 years. The difference that I feel now: the workouts are much more fun than all the other gyms I’ve been to. The coaching has been huge, I can finally do squats that don’t hurt my knees. I love competition and the workouts help me to be competitive within myself. They are hard for me, but I feel a lot of satisfaction when I complete something well”.

After going to the Whole 9 workshop Cynthia made drastic changes to her nutrition plan. She went – “Whole 9”. She experienced drastic results. This is thrilling to her coach and all the coaches at Get Fit NH. As you read what Cynthia wrote, think about yourself. If you can achieve similar results to Cynthia would it be worth your while to make some changes? Cynthia is discovering that the quality of food is changing how she feels. Her training is changing her physical being and as shaping her mental well – being.


“I would like you and Nancy to know that in a weeks time on the Whole 9 nutrition plan, I feel better than I have in months. I have been to nutritionists over the years and have been on MANY diet plans, We never talked about eliminating certain foods. Taking dairy, gluten, wheat, breads, etc. out of my diet has made a difference. Since last October I have felt sick most everyday, I knew I had an allergy to dairy, but continued to eat and drink some dairy products. I then began to question wheat and gluten.  I started the plan a week ago today, tomorrow will be one week of feeling good everyday and it’s not hard for me to follow. Food preparation takes time, but I have made many of the recipes in the book. The only vice is a little truvia, I’m working to get rid of that as well. I have much more energy than I did and can’t wait for that to increase even more.  I appreciate all Erin is doing as my coach to help me get the most out of my training without pain. She has been fantastic! Thank you for being part of my life, Cynthia


Cynthia has encouraged me, I know she will encourage you as well. I am looking forward to all that Cynthia is going to discover.

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