Student Spotlight – Alice DonnaSelva

I am very proud to share the story of Alice DonnaSelva. We have been blessed to have Alice in our 6:15 AM training time for almost a year. She is an incredible inspiration to the student’s around her. You want to see a woman who pushes herself to no end, Alice is your lady! I have had the opportunity to sit with Alice several times and discuss goals. I remember two of her first goals were to increase her push ups for the Get Fit Games and be able to do jumping chins. Alice dedicated about 15-20 minutes 2 days per week where she would stay after training and work on her chin progressions as well as work on her push ups (chest all the way to a tennis ball too!) Alice is a perfect example of how hard work and dedication get you real life results. She shares how far she has come below and I can’t tell you how proud I am to be her coach. 

alice-300x225“I came to Get Fit NH mostly to get stronger, especially to strengthen core muscles. I had gone to the doctor for a routine check up and mentioned that I was losing my balance more frequently – which was a concern because my mom had Ataxia and the beginning symptoms are usually loss of balance. There is a good chance I could have it as well because it is hereditary. My doctor thought it was unlikely I had it since I had been running for about 6 years and hiked and did some weight routines without significant trouble. She suggested that i try strengthening my core muscles.
My daughter had tried cross training and loved it so I searched around online for something like that and ran into the Get Fit NH website. I watched the videos and everyone seemed to be in love with the place and to be having so much fun so I thought I’d give it a try.
I have been coming to Get Fit NH for almost a year and now I understand why everyone in the video seemed so happy with Get Fit NH. I wake up at 5 (or 4) most mornings with the gym music running through my head telling me to get up and go to the gym. I love Meagan’s enthusiasm and patience and Dean’s offbeat sense of humor and the way all of our coaches make sure we are paying attention to form. It also motivates me to push myself harder when everyone around me is pushing up against their own limits. I also love that everyday is different. But what I really love most is this – Get Fit NH has taught me to question my assumptions about what I can do. I used to assume all kinds of things, like I couldn’t do a long run because I hadn’t gotten a chance to run for a week, or that I wouldn’t feel well if I ate before I exercised or I wasn’t coordinated enough to do a jumping chin. Now I ask myself whenever I find myself assuming I can’t do something, what proof I have that I can’t.
I started last September with the Italian flag of bands on my wrist and to be honest was kind of miffed that I was being told I could not do push ups. I can be a little belligerent, and that just made me want to do them to prove I could. I have tested out of those 3 bands and at the Get Fit Games did more than 25 pushups in 3 minutes and my first chin up (thanks to Meagan for helping me set short term goals and giving me some pointers to help me get there). My next goal is to increase my chin ups to 5 and to do a get up without pushing myself up with my hands. I still have trouble with balance – anyone who has stood next to me when we do anything one-legged knows that – but it’s definitely gotten better. If I do end up needing a walker like my mom in my late 60’s, I want to be sure I’ve enjoyed every chance I’ve had to be active until then.”
There you have it. Those are the words of a student who has put in 110% and is seeing great results. Alice rocks the chin bar now for both jumping chins and chin ups. She tested out of her red band less than a year ago and is now cranking out full range push ups. The best part about all of this? She is still digging for more. She sets a goal and she achieves it. That’s why we love Alice! Also Alice has challenged herself to take on one of New England’s most challenging road races, Reach the Beach. Alice has joined our Get Fit NH Reach the Beach Team and will achieve this goal in September!
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Make it Happen,
Coach Meagan
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