Student Spotlight is shining on…

Our 5 AM rockstar, Kelly Gauthier! Kelly is a pleasure to coach and has been making moves towards getting better for as long as I have known her. Her dedication and commitment has earned her some fantastic results. Kelly has a great attitude and she encourages and challenges the students around her on a daily basis. Kelly is in it for the long run!

“I was flattered when Meagan asked me to share my Get Fit story, but scared all at the same time; talking about myself is not one of my strengths!

(Deep breath…) I have always enjoyed “exercise”, I’ve tried a little of everything over the years. (I shamefully have to admit that one of my faves was Tae Bo, who DOESN’T love Billy Blanks?!) I never jumped on board the fad diet trains, they’re called “fads” for a reason. I’ve had my fair share of weight/body image issues over the years, I needed to find my way out of that “place”.

It was four years years ago when a friend was telling me about this great gym she had joined, she had lost weight, inches, and was feeling strong! I was intrigued, could this be the challenge I’ve been looking for…? I went home and googled Get Fit, “group personal training”, two weeks free…sign me up! From day one, kellygI was hooked. The coaches, the people, the energy; and all at 5:00 a.m.!

Since starting my journey at Get Fit I have lost some weight, but more important to me is that my body fat has dropped 7.6%! I feel stronger, and I feel like an athlete! I’m in better shape now at 46 years old than I’ve ever been. My training at Get Fit has also made me a better, stronger, and more confident runner, I will be running my first marathon in October 2015.

I have learned so much since joining the Get Fit family, most importantly, training doesn’t stop when you walk out that door. Having coaches that really care and WANT me to get better, keeps me going strong.

Thank you coaches, for helping me to Make it Happen! :-)”

And thank you, Kelly for choosing to train with us!

Keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan



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