Success Stories

At Get Fit NH, we work with clients of all different ages and stages of life; working professionals, retirees, mom, dads, empty-nesters, grandparents, people with various health challenges and goals - in other words people just like YOU.

Our clients know Get Fit NH is not just a gym. Get Fit NH is a lifestyle, an attitudeā€¦a place where hard work, change, and especially FUN happens..

Whether you train with Smart Group Training, do one of our Jumpstart Challenges, or work with one of our Nutrition Coaches, you become part of the Get Fit NH family - people like you, who support and care for you.

Here are some of their stories.

6:45 Speaks Out

If you have ever been to a 6:45 pm class you know it has its own unique personality. Even though it is the last class of the day energy and effort never lacks! 

I decided to talk with two different personalities that really help define what its like in the 6:45 class and asked them about their experience during class and being apart of the Get Fit NH family.

A big thank you to both of these ladies for talking with me and for bringing such great energy, effort, and uniqueness to 6:45!

Keep Making It Happen!

-Coach Brian

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