Success Stories – Ronald Weilnau

Coaching a student like Ronald is a joy. I use the word “student” purposely, because Ronald’s results are directly tied into the fact he pays attention, makes sure he understands, and asks questions about both his training and nutrition. The results speak for themselves! – Coach Dean

‘Thank You, Get Fit NH’

I have fought being overweight since the summer of 1967. It was that summer, when I was 10 years old, that I went from being an underweight child to an overweight child in less than three months. Until my first “Get Fit NH” training session on September 23, 2013, I never stepped into any gym to get help with losing weight or to get a leaner body. Due to my own past failures at controlling my weight and meeting my fitness goals, I had my doubts if I would last the first week let alone join. However, thanks to what I found that during that first week I knew I could continue. Therefore, I owe thanks to many people for my successful start towards a healthier lifestyle.

‘Thank you’, Coach Dean and Coach Nancy for starting ‘Get Fit NH’. Also thank you for developing each training session plus the challenges and workshops that you put together to teach us about developing a healthy lifestyle.

‘Thank you’, Coach Erin, Coach Megan and Coach Sarah for choosing to coach at ‘Get Fit NH’ and for the time you give to answer my questions and to training me. I look forward to many more training sessions.

‘Thank you’ to the fellow clients for you are a big part of ‘Get Fit NH’ and you showed me that I can do this. Thank you for the encouragement and praise that you have provided whether it was knowingly or unknowingly given.

‘Thank you’ to my wife for joining ‘Get Fit NH’ three years ago and never pressuring me to join. ‘Thank you’ for waiting until I was ‘Ready to Do It’. Also thank you for helping me to start eating the ‘PPW’ way.

The picture below shows the results of my first 6 months at ‘Get Fit NH’. The results truly surprised me, as I did not expect to meet my first targeted weight loss goal until the end of June 2014. I past that goal and got to a weight that I have not seen in 35 years. With the next training session, I will be working on a new goal of some additional weight loss and more muscle gain.

When I am asked how I did it, I reply that it is a lifestyle change that I have embraced that included a major change in my diet and more exercise than I have ever done before. However, I like what someone else said one night after training when I was asked, he stated it simply as: ‘He was ready.’

I am ready to continue….

Thank you again,

Ronald Weilnau

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