Success Story – Colleen Snow-Leung

colleenI was very grateful to receive this heartfelt note from Colleen, and she was gracious enough to let me share it with the Get Fit NH family, and by extension the world! 🙂

“Hi Erin, Dean, Nancy and Megan,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all that Get Fit has done for me these past four months.

I loved Get Fit when I was there for a year before stopping due to personal life experiences, including the passing of my mom and then being pregnant. On the anniversary of my mom’s passing, I started boot camp again after taking just about a year off. I couldn’t think of anywhere she would rather I be on that day than starting to train again and feel good about myself.  

Through the S3 challenge, my husband and I have completely revamped what meal time looks like and have quit the snacking and no longer do I think about what to have for dessert after each meal.  I can’t say the same for Howie once he leaves the house but I am eternally grateful for his support in our home.  

Yesterday I went shopping and bought things two sizes smaller than what I had been wearing at the beginning of S3 and am fitting into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes.

Through learning the seven habits of S3 I now understand the saying, “You can’t out train bad nutrition.” I remained at the same weight the first three months of boot camp and then have lost a good amount of body fat (I think and hope) throughout the past six weeks.  

My goal for S3 was to lose weight, build muscle, feel good in clothes, especially a bathing suit this summer with my daughter, and run the Color Vibe 5K. While I wanted to skip my last goal this morning when it was raining and gross out, I didn’t mostly because of fellow boot campers who encouraged me, especially Lori and Kelly. I felt so incredibly accomplished at the end of the race.  

Thank you guys for your constant emails, Facebook messages and being there four mornings a week ready to make training fun and new every single day.  I am very thankful!” – Colleen

And we are very thankful for amazing clients like Colleen.

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