Success Story – Dennis M.

dennisA big shout out to Dennis for his effort and consistency. He rarely misses a training session, and it has really paid off. Here’s what he shared with me one day after training last week.

Hi Dean,
I’m happy to report that after training @ GFNH for several months I’ve lost about 15 lbs. & a few notches in my belt! I’ve had the happy experience of fitting into older pants & getting to buy new jeans as the old ones have too much room 🙂 There’s no doubt that I’ve grown stronger & can actually now see muscles I haven’t seen for a long time.
The encouraging coaching, fun people, great training and focus on nutrition that I’ve found @ GFNH has made a great difference in my overall fitness.
Thanks for all you do,

Thank-YOU Dennis for choosing to train with us. Keep up the great work!


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