Success Story – Jennifer H.

jenhGot a brief note from Jennifer this morning, and it made me smile:

“Trying on all your old jeans and having them fit is worth every 4:15 alarm. Thank you from a very happy girl! :)”

I asked her to expand a little on what she thinks about Get Fit NH, and here is her follow up:

“When I arrived at my first Get Fit training session I was nervous and tired  but mostly excited. I knew upon leaving that first early morning, that I had found exactly what I needed. That was 12 weeks ago now.  

This morning I tried on my old jeans and they ALL fit! I know it is just one of many goals I will reach now and soon my closet will be seeing sizes it never has before. It has become about so much more than a pant size though. It’s a feeling of overall health that I have never experienced before.   If you are thinking that’s not me, I urge you to see what it’s about. After a very short time I can’t imagine “me” without my Get Fit lifestyle. You too, can make it happen! “ Jennifer H.

You rock Jen, keep up the great work!

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