Success Story – Jon Chorlian

jonchorlianIt is always a tremendous feeling as a coach when a client embraces change right away and is rewarded by tremendous results for taking the leap and making it happen. Jon is one of many such clients. It is my hope that his success will show you what can happen when you commit fully. Thank-you Jon, and keep enjoying life!


I want to thank you for everything that you and Get Fit have done for me.

As you know, I have been going to Get Fit for 8 months.  My story is probably like a lot of people who have started at Get Fit or are considering going to Get Fit.  I’m 46.  From age 20 to age 40 I went from about 150 pounds and being in great shape to about 160 pounds and being in good shape.  Since 40, though, the wheel started to fall off a bit and by the time I started at Get Fit I was up to about 180 pounds and was in (at best) OK shape.  Finally, I accepted that this pattern was going to continue unless I really made a big change.

From the minute I first opened the Get Fit “welcome packet” I bought in.  For me, this was pretty easy because it was so obvious to me that while you run a great business, you really do care about each of us at Get Fit and will do everything that you can to help us to be healthy and fit.  For me, one of the most valuable things that you do is to sift through all the fitness/health/diet science (which can be overwhelming) and distill out for us what is really important (and therefore we can actually follow).  As you have taught me, those “pillars” really are:

•    Whatever you weigh, you will be healthier and feel better if you exercise/train, but really weight depends on what and how much you eat (as you say, you can outeat any exercise regimen …)
•    If you want to lose weight (and then maintain that), the diet rules are pretty simple:  Eat more frequently but smaller meals; eat protein and fruits/vegetables at most of those smaller meals; don’t eat “crappy” carbohydrates; limit “good” carbohydrates (whole grains, etc.) to shortly after exercise; and try to limit the number of calories you drink (no cream/sugar in coffee, etc.).  And just as importantly, make sure you do this 95% of the time, not 100% of the time – in other words, you still have to treat yourself sometimes …

During my first 3 months training with you and following your advice, I consistently lost about 2 pounds/week , and got down from about 180 pounds to about 155 pounds.  For the last 5 months I have stayed right at 155 pounds.  Quite simply, I feel great – just in general, but also playing hockey and doing other things I love.  Also, almost none of the aches and pains that I was getting used to as I got older, and I haven’t been sick at all (not even a cold this winter).

I realize that staying this way for the rest of my life is going to take a lot of continued work, but you have taught me how to do it.  Thank you.

Jon Chorlian”


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