Success Story – Karen S.

katesToo often we get caught in the trap that exercise and fitness is all about body composition, or maybe how much we can lift or how far we can run.

And while those things certainly have some value, there are other numbers that can tell us even more about how our body is changing. We received this awesome email from Karen this morning.

“Good Morning Dean,

I had my annual physical yesterday.  Last year my LDL Cholesterol was 190 and my doctor wanted me to go on prescription drugs.  I said NO and that I would try and bring the numbers down by exercise and nutrition. Then I joined Get Fit NH.

Yesterday my LDL Cholesterol was 158.  My doctor wanted to know what I did to bring it down like that.  Unbelievable!!

I would like to thank you for your knowledge and assistance in helping me help myself in bringing down my Cholesterol.  Not only did the numbers come down, I enjoyed doing it.  (most of the time).

She says I still need to bring it down to 130, so there is yet another goal for me to strive for.

Thanks again Dean to you and all your coaches.” – Karen

Karen also shared with me how she is a strong believer that the answers to our health is not found in a pill, and I would agree whole-heartedly. While there may be times medication is required, we have seen many of our clients get off their blood pressure and cholesterol drugs (with their doctors blessing of course) by working hard in the gym and making changes to what they are eating. It can be done and is being done every day.

Keep up the great work Karen!

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