Success Story: Susan Moseley

We absolutely love it when y’all share how your hard work at Get Fit NH has made a difference in your life. I received this wonderful email from Susan, who has made some amazing changes in her life over the past few years. She embodies hard work and dedication, and is always looking to expand her knowledge. Thank-you for choosing to train with us Susan, and keep getting better!


Hi Dean,

I know this is long overdue…, but here goes

    How do I love Get Fit NH?
    Let me count the ways:

1) I’ve lost 35 pounds in the last 3-4 years (and went from close to a size 16 to a size 8), but this past year at Get Fit is the first time I can remember losing fat and gaining lean muscle.  The first photo is me two years ago on a bike trip in Italy, after having worked really hard for 6 weeks to get in shape for the trip.  The second is a few weeks ago in Bow, NH.  And, yes ladies, bike shorts with the padding are far less attractive than yoga pants!

2) This really should be number 1. The coaches at GetFit are by far the best of any coaches, personal trainers or group trainers that I’ve ever worked with.  I’ve worked with Erin for a year and feel as if I’ve had a personal (and very personable) trainer the whole time. Megan is a fabulous new coach and Dean is an incomparable resource of knowledge and community.    

3) I could have worked out at home, but I would never have achieved the same results as I have at Get Fit. Working out with a group and seeing others succeed is a powerful motivator. Got to love the zany, talkative and hard working 4:15 class.

4) I love the daily emails. Even though I read the Science in the Public Interest, Tufts and Mayo Clinic nutrition/health newsletters, I always pick up something important to consider from Dean’s emails.

 5) I could go on with many more impressions, but since so many GetFitters stay and train for 1, 2 or more years, I’d be stating the obvious.


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