Supporting Your Goals

Do you live in a household where everyone is 100% supportive of your goal? No enablers, no temptation, family joining your journey toward a healthier you? If you do then God bless you, consider yourself lucky. If you are not so lucky, then here is a situation you might be able to relate to and how to overcome tempting obstacles.

You get out of training. It was a long day, you’re exhausted, you have dinner prepped, but still need to cook it. You check your phone and you have a text, “I called us in a pizza, can you pick it up on your way home?”

What do you do? Like I said, you’re tired and hungry and maybe you feel like you just earned this splurge…

#1: There is no such thing as earning food. You will never out train poor nutrition, I promise.

Sometimes we have to pick our battles. Nutrition is a battle I fight constantly with my husband, but I lose every time (doesn’t mean I will stop trying). So what did I do? I picked him up his pizza and I made my planned dinner. Was it hard? Of course. Especially when he was offering me, “just one bite.”

I know myself and you know yourself. There is no such thing as “just one bite.” It opens up the door to, “Well, I might as well…” Stay strong to your plan. PLAN your splurge. It feels good to be in control. It is HARD to be in control with the constant temptation, but victory feels a lot better than regret. If you have kids, then it is YOUR responsibility to set the example.

I ask my husband to keep his junk food in his car or at work or hidden from me. If I know it is there, then it is hard to keep telling myself no. Someday, I will get him on board with nutrition, but in the meantime I will keep fighting and continue to set the example for my son. Don’t let someone else enable you. And if you need a reality check to remind you why you should stay on track- step on the Fit3D regularly. THAT is my motivation!

Make it happen!
Coach Meagan

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