Swathi Shares Her Success Story

Swathi has been with us over the past 3 months, and unfortunately for us her job is moving her up into the great white north of Canada. We are sad to see her go, but happy we get to share her success story. Keep up the great work Swathi, and best wishes on the new position.

“Hi Dean,

I was not able to make it yesterday and today due to the packing and all other stuff going on.

I wanted to THANK YOU for the huge transition GET FIT NH brought in me.

I had severe back pain after my baby was born, but after I joined GET FIT NH I never had the pain.

Also, your emails helped me in changing the way I eat, which made a huge difference. I lost 10 lbs after I joined GET FIT NH.

I hate to leave GET FIT NH, but unfortunately I have no other option.

Please convey my THANKS to Erin, CJ and Nancy.




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