“the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgement of benefits or favors, especially to God.” –

I am truly grateful we have a holiday named “Thanksgiving”. Because for just a few days it makes me say the word over and over again.

“Happy Thanksgiving”

“Have a wonderful Thanksgiving”

“Enjoy your family at Thanksgiving”

It is kind of ironic that the next day is called “Black Friday”. Now I understand how important this time of year is for our economy and businesses to survive. But to my recollection I have only ventured out once on that day to do any shopping, and that was a quick run to Dick’s Sporting Goods at 4:00am, because I woke up right at my normal time anyways. I glanced across the street on my way by and was convinced that anyone who ventures into Wal-Mart is crazy or possessed – no thanks. Now to those of you who enjoy the madness my hat is off to you, because you are very brave, and more power to you. Could you grab me a Starbucks on the way by? 🙂

But I Digress.

Can I encourage you to be truly thankful this year, from now until New Years?

It seems that we let this time of year stress us out to no end as we try to meet the seemingly endless expectations that tug on us to make every perfect, buy all the right gifts, put up just the right tree – busy, busy, busy.

And then it’s gone.

The holidays are over and we settle down into the long New England winter. (I am working really hard on being thankful for that one.)

Life is not easy. Sometimes our days are filled with disappointment, heartache and pain.

Which is one reason why I am grateful for the people in my life.

My family, who put up with me with love even on the worst of days.

My friends, who I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with.

My Get Fit NH team and co-workers, who labor with me to make it all work.

My clients, who share a part of their day with me. Who I get to laugh with, cry with, help through some struggles, and witness some incredible achievements.

To God, who has given me 47 years so far, in spite of myself.

I am going to put some effort, some action, some work, into slowing down a bit this holiday season and making the time to enjoy the things and people who are important to me. I am going to do my best, but with the understanding some people just can’t or don’t want to be happy, no matter what I do. They will get my kindness and compassion, but not one second of my time worrying.

That is work worth doing, and a word worth saying more often than we do.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Coach Dean



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