The 3 Smith’s Hit the Spotlight

Mike and Sarah Smith have been a part of the 6:15 Get Fit NH family for almost a year. I remember sitting down with them right after their trial and they were asking about what happens with training if they got pregnant. I am so happy for them as they reach their final days of pregnancy and prepare to open up the doors to parenthood! Sarah has inspired and amazed so many of her peers, because she has remained dedicated to her training throughout her pregnancy. Their positive energy and great attitude is contagious. We are so lucky to have them and I look forward to sharing their story with you! Here is what Mike and Sarah have to say! smith

“We came to Get Fit  NH because we both agreed it was time to turn the page and start a healthier lifestyle, so the first step was become more active. We had heard great things about Get Fit NH, so we decided to check it out. It didn’t take us long to determine that Get Fit NH was where we wanted to start our journey. We were impressed with the facility and their knowledgeable staff, but what was even more impressive was how they took the time to understand our goals and physical challenges to better help us succeed. Their dedication and motivation to help us achieve our goals has been incredible since day 1. 

Since training at Get Fit NH we both are feeling more confident, stronger, and just overall healthier since we started at Get Fit NH. Mike’s lingering sport injuries from high school and college are improving, and he’s feeling better and better each week. Sarah experienced a HUGE change since well…she’s PREGNANT!!! We are expecting our first child in early May and we couldn’t be more excited. The Get Fit Team has been incredible throughout her pregnancy. They educated us on the proper nutrition, guided her with the appropriate exercise, and customized her work-outs each day which has really helped her manage the physical difficulties of being pregnant. In fact, Sarah continues to attend classes and plans to continue up until the final days! 

We’ve learned a lot since we started at Get Fit NH. One of the most important things we’ve learned is the importance of nutrition. The Get Fit Team does a great job of educating you on proper nutrition and the importance of eating the right foods to achieve the best results, which was something we lacked prior to starting at Get Fit NH. We still have a long way to go, especially when dealing with the challenges of food dislikes and cravings while being pregnant, but we’re on the right path with the help of the Get Fit NH Team. 

I’m not sure why anyone would choose not to train at Get Fit (seriously, this is not a sell).  We tried so many different ways to get a workout routine going but nothing stuck.  How boring to hop on an elliptical in front of a TV or pop in a workout DVD when you can have certified personal trainers putting together workout plans for you, showing you how to do the movements so you don’t get injured, modifying the movements to build up your strength to progress to the next benchmark, and someone to motivate you to succeed even if you are having a challenging week.  In two months we will have been training at Get Fit for a year together and have no plans to stop.  I feel like Get Fit is a family that trains together, motivates and supports each-other, celebrates accomplishments and promotes a much healthier state of life than we were living before we joined.  Previous workout routine attempts were short lived

**special question** How has training pregnant affected you and your pregnancy?

The plan was to get in great shape before I got pregnant, since I was overweight, so my pregnancy would be easier on my body.  However, since I had just started my journey at Get Fit 2 months prior to getting pregnant, I didn’t fully get enough time to accomplish that goal.  I will say it’s been challenging, to say the least, training through 18 weeks of all day sickness, weird pregnancy ailments / necessary training modifications and sleepless nights but I have done my best to make it in.  After a while I started to see a pattern; the days I didn’t make it in, I felt worse.  Everything hurt more, I was more tired and just all around lacking in energy.  So I made a decision to come to training no matter what.  I am 38 weeks in my third trimester, large with baby belly, and attending more classes than I did in my first and second trimesters and it’s been great!  Granted I cannot do as much and must carefully pay attention to my heart rate monitor so I don’t train too hard for baby or I, all things considered, training throughout my pregnancy has been the best decision I have made.  I am really excited to come back to training after I have the baby and continue my mission to get into great shape.  I can’t wait to train with baby number 2, hopefully in much better shape than the first time around and see how much easier of a time I might have with my body starting off in a much healthier state.”

As you can see there are no excuses here! Their mind is in the right place and they’re already focused on getting back into their training routine after Baby Smith comes. We can’t wait to learn if Baby Smith is a boy or a girl! Just over a week before baby is scheduled to make an appearance! Oh and Mike made the brilliant choice of choosing Team Meagan for our S3 V.I.P challenge so there is no doubt they will continue to do great things!

Keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan

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