The Best Jeans Ever!

Doreen from our 9 AM Ladies crew just sent this text over to me. It made my day!Recovery drinks in hand

“Just wanted to say thank you. I went shopping with my girls and I decided to try on some jeans because my old ones are getting a bit loose. I tried one, the best jeans ever. They were a size 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went from a size 14 to a 10. Thank you for helping me find the best jeans ever.”

She didn’t just tell me because a few minutes later I get an email from Marcy. (If you are in the 9 AM group, these two ladies car pool to keep each other accountable to Get Fit NH.)

Marcy writes: “Thank you for being my motivation! For being there for all my questions and inquiries! You have really changed my life and I thank you for that! I never thought I would stick with a program and here I am 2 years!!!!! By the way, I think I am NOT the lead talker anymore!! Doreen just bought a size 10 jean and is over the top!!! How awesome is that!!!”   (Marcy likes exclamation points – but that is enthusiasm speaking) 🙂

Thank you Doreen and Marcy for choosing to train at Get Fit NH. Keep those enthusiastic stories coming, they inspire us all! – Coach Nancy

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