The “Compound” Approach

The first question to ask yourself is, does the body work as a bunch of individual systems working coincidentally at the same time? Or does it consist of a continuous bunch of interconnected systems that feed off each other?  It is definitely the second option of the two.  Why do I bring this up?  This helps us understand how small changes can team up to create major ones.  

My favorite example of this is Tom Brady, its just such a great example to use.  I know I know, none of us are NFL players and Tom’s jawline rivals even mine!  The way I am using this is the obsessive level that he takes care of his body.  Could we all be like Tom if we had millions of dollars and our own team of cooks, shoppers, and nutritionists? Maybe I suppose, but those are just parts to the overall puzzle.  When you break it down what has Tom really done to become the first quarterback to start in the league over the age of 40?  Forget about the ability to read the defense and all that, I just mean on simply a health and fitness level.  Here are the secrets…ready for this? He puts NOTHING in his body that has been show to cause inflammation, he hydrates, and he exercises…BOOM!

This is the part that’s important to consider, is it one specific part of his diet that leads to 100% of his health?  No of course not, each little step builds on the others.  For example, is the fact that he doesn’t eat nightshades alone going to lead to incredible performance? Not its not, but you combine that with no sugar, no dairy, perfect hydration, and what do you get? Amazing health.  That’s why its important to look at health as a full picture made up of a lot of parts.  If you take a multivitamin is it going to help you? Yes some, but will it help you to the same degree as if you take a multi, fish oil, and eat supportively? No it won’t.  This is the reason why many of us have been told “take vitamin B for energy”, and then we take it and feel not different.  While its true vitamin B helps with energy production, it isn’t effective if you aren’t eating the foods to support it.  Remember the body works in unison, to give yourself the best chance at a fully healthy life find things that work together to get you there.

-Coach Adam

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