The spotlight is on…

The spotlight is shining bright on 5 AM superstar, Marky Mark. If you have ever been to a 5 AM class then you know Mark- he is the one with the “Fox Fancy Pants” and adds a rock n’ roll jump to every squat jump. Mark has the ability to make a whole room full of people laugh and brighten your door all before 6 AM. Aside from an awesome personality, Mark also works his butt off. You can also count on him working through every second of every set. I am thrilled to put the spotlight on Mark. Here is what he has to say!


“I started at Get Fit NH January 2011, just earned my 4 year strong shirt. My wife was enrolled about 1 month before me and said this is something I would like. I was running in the early hours and I needed something instead of the run in the winter. I’m an active person, I play baseball in an over 40 league, I play softball, I play indoor soccer. All activities are afternoon or at night. So I wanted an early morning class to get me motivated, build some muscle and lose some unneeded belly. Well the 5am class is just what I needed, every day is different (just like my own job). You get to train and work with different tools. Some items work small areas on your body and some items work big areas. Each day is as important as the
next. I found that, yes I was sore some days, but always push myself to get into the training and get myself better.

I love the fact that this is available and I go in with an open mind and know that the trainers
will provide an hour of work with fun mixed in to make me a stronger, fit and a better
person. The group who have been with me for the past 4 years I consider all close
friends including the trainers past and present, they all encourage and laugh and
give feedback in a non stressful environment.

I personally have seen many changes- from having my food log just tossed in the trash
and getting the right food to eat, to going from a 34 waist to a 32 waist, and
shirts down from a XL to a Large. When I went through kidney cancer, that was the
longest month of my life. I couldn’t train and I can’t sit still, I need to be active! I
lost all my strength and my weight was wicked low at 165. I pushed myself to get back
into the training and all has been fantastic since. I have noticed that since I’ve
been in this training I have not been as sick as I have in years past.

My weight has been up and down started at 185 and has been as low as 165 but with
added body mass, running around 175. I know I have work to do and I know my BAD
HABITS, that’s what keeps me going. I enjoy the challenge and will work hard, and
I know the training and trainers at Get Fit NH will provide the way to get me there.
Thanks again for ALL YOUR work.” -Mark “Marky Mark” Dartnell

Mark is 4 years strong and I couldn’t imagine not getting to see him everyday. He is such a special part of this family. Thank you for choosing to train with us, Mark and thank you for sharing your story.

-Coach Meagan

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