The Spotlight is Shining Again!

And this time it's Leslie Thompson that's thrown right into the middle of the it! Leslie has been a student of ours since before I even became a coach. I can tell you, however, that just in the time I have been coaching at Get Fit, I have even seen a change in her. Screening out of bands left and right, working hard and having a positive attitude every time. Always enjoying coming in. Here are some words from Leslie herself about her journey...

"I chose Get Fit NH because my neighbor, Sheila, recommended it. I was looking for something for me. Something that I could do for myself. Plus, I was sick of feeling achy all the time and really out of shape. So I thought I'd give it a try. My first few weeks I was really, really sore. But I liked that feeling, I still do. It makes me aware that my body has muscles. And that they are meant to be used. I began to feel strong and flexible. Everything in my life started to become easier. I could run laps around my old self at my job. I had so much more energy. And my body began to feel looser but stronger at the same time

My goal at Get Fit NH is to continue. To continue to go. To continue to commit to myself and my health. I love it. Sure, when I get there at 6:45 pm, I am usually crawling in. But, I am always glad that I went, glad that I trained. Glad that I spend that hour on myself. Get Fit NH has helped me in so many ways. Physically, of course. But mentally and emotional as well. I am stronger and more assertive, in a good way. I am my own advocate now. This is my life and it is what I make of it. My favorite part of Get Fit NH is the fact that I LOVE to go. It is a strange concept, I know. But I am hooked. And I am thrilled about it!"

Like I said above, just in the time that I have been at Get Fit I have seen a change in Leslie. I wanted to make sure people were made aware of how hard she works and what she has accomplished. I am extremely proud to be her coach! Keep up the hard work, Leslie!

Coach Adam

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