The Spotlight is Shining Again

This time it's on Debbie Watrous!

I asked Debbie to allow me to write a spotlight on her because I am extremely proud of how far she has come. I remember when I first took over Erin’s position, and I was working with Debbie and remember all the exercises we tried that caused her so much pain. Looking back on that, and seeing her do weighted split squats and the like now, she has come so far and she deserves to be recognized for how far she has come. I’ll let her tell you a little about her journey in her own words...

“Adam, when you asked me to write about my journey at Get Fit NH, I hesitated because I don’t have a dramatic story and my progress has been slow and not always steady. I came to the gym as someone who had never exercised regularly, out of shape and full of aches and pains. I wanted to lose weight, but most of all I wanted to feel stronger and have more energy. I knew I needed to be in a class, lacking the self-discipline to stick with an exercise program on my own. I knew I needed a gym with a program and coaches that could assess my fitness issues and structure a workout that would be both safe and challenging. I have gotten all that at Get Fit NH and much more.

I really appreciate the coaching style here – you, Dean, and Meagan are all caring, funny, and inspirational. I appreciate that you make sure that my back is safe. I appreciate working out with a very nice bunch of people in the atmosphere that you promote – encouraging, supportive, sometimes competitive but never shaming. And no mirrors – thank you! As someone who gets bored easily with exercise, I value the variety of the classes and the progression over the course of a week and over the eight-week session. And knowing next to nothing about muscles and fitness, etc., I appreciate learning the science behind our workouts.

The biggest surprise since joining Get Fit NH is how much effort you put into “the other 165”, from sending an email if we don’t show up for class to community fundraising events to the various healthy eating programs you’ve offered. Last summer’s S3 challenge was the best yet because we did it in pairs and you reinforced the development of new habits with the daily “Habit Catalyst” posts. Jane and I met through that challenge and are talking about working together again to help each of us be more accountable in our food choices.

Sometimes I get discouraged that I’m not getting stronger faster, but when I look back to where I started, I see significant improvement. A couple of weeks ago I helped my daughter move into her new 3rd floor apartment. I noticed that I could carry heavier loads with less huffing and puffing than when we helped her move two years ago (why does she always pick upper floor apartments with no elevators?). And I have more energy during the day, my clothes fit better, and I’ve lost weight more quickly than I thought possible at this time of life.

I have a milestone birthday this year that has doubled my determination to enter the next decade strong, energetic, and healthy. Thank you, Adam, Meagan, Dean, Nancy and the 7:25 a.m. crew for helping me to achieve those goals."

As I said at the top, I am extremely proud of Debbie and the progress she has made. Keep up the great work, Debbie!

-Coach Adam

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