The Spotlight is Shining Bright and Early

At Get Fit NH we have many different training times during the day. They range from bright and early to hit training on the way home from work.  The people you see at Get Fit NH are as different as different can be as well. From almost 20 and just starting college to Grandpas and Grandmas who retired after a full career.

But there is a group at Get Fit NH that is often referred to others as “one of those people”.

‘Those People’ are the ones that wake up bright and early and get into Get Fit NH for a 5am training. Petra is one of ‘those people’. Petra is one of ‘those people’ 4 days a week.

Yet, I know we would have a consensus that Petra makes it just a bit easier to roll out of bed on a cold day to get to Get Fit NH. She is cheerful, chipper, and sometimes just giddy at that hour. She reminds me of the energizer bunny.

In November Petra competed in the Ski Erg World Sprints. She was thrilled she finished the challenge. It is now a spark inside of her to compete next year. In fact she is training now for it. She has a goal in mind. Here is her plan, she comes in a bit earlier- imagine that- to ski 1000 meters.

I asked Petra to give us some background into what drives her to be one of ‘those people’.

Hey Petra, why did you start coming to Get Fit NH?

“My doctor instructed me to lose 20 pounds and I knew I could not do this on my own and would need all the help I could get.”

 After your first 2 weeks, how did you feel?

“That I am totally out of shape and that the only way to change it is to stick with it and thanks to the support I am.”

How do you feel now?

“Due to all the travel for work during the first half of the year I was not as successful in coming every day; BUT--since July I am. Now it's December and my body feels great. I can feel and see the subtle changes and I can feel the strength in my arms and legs when doing yard work. Feeling great has taken away the emphasis on losing the weight. Watching not only what I eat but more so how much I eat and continuing training at Get Fit NH will help me achieve the goal of losing the weight.”

Overall how would you describe your experience at Get Fit NH?

“Get Fit NH and the 5am group makes exercising fun and I look forward to going. I thoroughly enjoy the group and the dynamics. Some days I do better with the exercises; some days I do not. What is important is: going and being there. To think how happy we can be at 5 in the morning! (Granted, it takes a cup of coffee and about an hour before for me to wake up … but, after the 5 am class and after catching my breath … I have energy like the energizer bunny!”

Honest and true ‘those people’ love Petra at 5am and so do I. Thank you Petra for being part of the Get Fit NH family.

Coach Nancy

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