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Brenda Schmieder!


Brenda pictured on right

Brenda earned her way in to the spotlight, because she came to Get Fit NH and went all in! She took our coaching and she put it into action immediately. Brenda is faithful to training and she is serious about her nutrition. She eats like an adult! Because of her dedication and commitment to getting better she lost over 18 pounds during our S3 V.I.P challenge, she has lost over 30 pounds since joining the Get Fit NH family in late February, her pain has decreased significantly in her shoulders and knees and her overall movement patterns have improved tremendously. Brenda is an absolute pleasure to coach. I am proud of you for taking control of your future, Brenda! Here is what Brenda has to say:

My story began, as all of ours do, with my parents! But my decision to join Get Fit NH also began with my parents. Dad is 85 and Mom is 80….I am blessed to have them with me still; but advancing age has not come easily for them. I spent a good part of my fall and winter going to one doctor appointment after another, talking with doctors on the phone and managing medications. My parents live about 45 minutes away, so this made it even more challenging for me to balance their needs with those of my husband, our daughter and my two jobs…..notice I did not mention my own needs!

I used to be in relatively decent shape, but a series of injuries and surgeries put my activity levels on a back burner several years ago. Add to that some serious family health issues that occurred around the same time….suddenly I was not moving and putting on some pounds as I fed my stress with food. Eventually I stopped caring about  any of those good health habits that I once had and pretty much gave up on myself.

It was the end of February when I had my “final straw” moment! That moment led me to pick up the phone and call GFNH. It suddenly cemented in my head that I wanted to age better than my parents have. The years pass so quickly and I want to go into my “golden years” feeling strong and fit. Perhaps, most importantly, I want my daughter to know that her mom took care of herself as best she could. I don’t want her time, or my time, to be spent at doctor’s appointments when I am in my 70‘s and 80’s and 90’s and even 100‘s! I want to be able to climb mountains with my husband again! I decided it was time to put myself back to the top of the list and to invest in me!

I met with Coach Meagan on February 24th and have not looked back! I love the motivation and accountability that I get from all the coaches….emails, phone calls, notes in the mail, encouragement while training…it all adds up. I told Coach Dean one day that GFNH is the only part of my life where I actually like to be told what to do! I need someone looking over my shoulder and helping me to believe in myself. I have never worked so hard at fitness…but I have also never felt stronger or more motivated to keep going.

I quickly learned that we all have to start our journeys somewhere, but that we don’t need to go it alone. From day one I have been coached and motivated by the staff and my classmates. I have learned that there is nothing I cannot do, but that I may need to modify it for my level. I have also learned that it’s “all about the food” and that what we put into our bodies is going to have a direct affect on what we get out of our bodies! Cooking and nutrition are a passion of mine, it’s been great learning about how to make the food I eat work for me!

Since joining GFNH I have lost weight and gained muscle. A scientist by training, I love the measurements and data showing my changing body composition; I find it motivating and actually look forward to getting on the scale each month! Get Fit NH is the perfect gym for me. I have chosen to invest in myself…and investment comes with a price. I have friends that choose the local $10 option and are amazed at what I pay; but I know that good health comes at a cost and I am worth it. If I don’t make the investment now, then I will be paying doctors later! I am determined to Make It Happen!!

Thank you for choosing to invest in yourself and train with Get Fit NH, Brenda! Keep making it happen!

Brenda is such a great example of what you can do with the right support, motivation, and coaching.

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