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loriI asked Lori to do a student spotlight, because her story is so easy to relate to and so awesome! I remember when Lori came to me just before our annual summer challenge this year. Lori was ready to take the reigns back on her health and fun fact about her? She NEVER turns down a good challenge. In fact, she embraces a challenge and takes off running with it, which is one of the many reasons I love being her coach. Not only did she smoke check our Sizzling Summer Slimdown challenge, but she didn’t stop there. We set a new long term goal which she has been successfully chipping away at. Here is Lori’s wh0le story. I think we can all relate to this story…

“I came to Get Fit NH September 6,2011 in rough shape! I watched and listened to my dear friend Colleen talk about the “bootcamp” she was going to in preparation for her wedding. I watched her body change and just before her wedding thought, Wow, she looks awesome! I wanted what she had. It sounded challenging and I thought  was I really up for that but knew something had to change.
I walked in that first day 4 years ago SO anxious I really wanted to walk out. I almost did not make it through that first training session. Remember distinctly Coach Erin asking me if I was OK. I hated they way I felt both physically and mentally. I did survive that first day and the next and the next. I set a goal after my free 2 weeks to drop 50lbs. And I almost did it, I was 3 lbs shy. I got very frustrated like always and fell back into old way. Gained some back. Then did S3 and was part of a great group of ladies and we won that challenge. Then again fell into old habits. Not really sure who I was fooling and it was mainly myself! I COULD NOT out train my bad nutrition . I was right back into the vicious cycle.
Once again I found myself hating how I felt both physically and mentally . I saw so many success stories happening all around me but I could not get out of my own way.
Get Fit is a great place and full of great resources. From the wonderful ladies I train with at 8:30 and great coaches and I was wasting it all. I was truly just going through the motions.
So, when S3 came around once again I was determined to completely change my mind set because I was not fooling anybody. It was so helpful to be part of Team Meagan. The support was incredible. Not only did I not want to let myself down , no way was I disappointing my team and coach.
Not going to lie. It’s not easy. It does not happen over night. It takes work .There is no magic. It takes knowing what works or doesn’t work for me.It takes knowing that I’m not the only one that has traveled down this road. It takes knowing I can ask for help and get it from any of the coaches. I’m so very appreciative of all of Coach Meagan’s support over the last 5 months .I’ve had a lot of life changes just recently and I’m still managing to stay on track. (Even needing to switch from my comfort zone of the 830 ladies to the 5 AM class).No more excuses. I feel the best I’ve felt in about 3 years. I am no longer falling asleep mid afternoon. My sugar addiction is under control. I feel stronger. I finally feel like a better me. With the best me still yet to come!”

We have been there, right? We have fallen off the wagon and tried to tell ourselves we would just train really really hard to burn off our sugar addiction, but it doesn’t work that way. Your coaches will tell you that and here is another awesome student telling you her experience. It’s true. You can take control. Lori did it and because of that she is reaping the benefits. It isn’t too late to take the reigns back. The results Lori has achieved in 5 months are do-able for you too! You just gotta make it happen!

Thank you, Lori for sharing your story and thank you for choosing to train with us!

Coach Meagan

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