The Spotlight Shines Again

This time on Marcia Trexler! Marcia is fairly new to the family, but has taken to the program and is always excited to be here, get better, and be coached. Listen to her story from Maria herself:

Why did you choose Get Fit NH?
I have known about Get Fit NH for several years now as I teach in Bow with several colleagues who have attended the program. Some of them have committed to their workouts with Get Fit NH for up to four years. I have seen their bodies transform. They are lean and strong. That latter description regarding their strength, I did not know about until I joined Get Fit and began this journey of transformation. I see what is on the outside - who knew they were so STRONG!

What changes did you notice in the first few weeks?
Strength- that is what I have observed about my own body changes since I joined Get Fit NH in mid-July. I am stronger. As I shared at my strength assessment meeting prior to starting, one of my rationales for joining was to stay strong and become stronger. I am a pretty active person. My teaching job as a FACS teacher (Family and Consumer Science - formerly Home Ec.) has me on my feet all day walking around my classroom. I have worn a Fitbit for about 2 ½ years now and I average 12,000 to 15,000 steps a day. I lift a lot of heavy things in my classroom. My husband jokes that I am strong because of the years of carrying and lifting grocery bags - double duty as I do it for school groceries and for home.

What outside of Get Fit NH has become easier since starting?
With all the bending and lifting I do in my job, I have found that the little aches and pains that would sometimes bother me are much reduced. I am more flexible. My movement is more fluid - I am still careful but have an increased level of surety as to how I move - like doing a “squat” (I think I am finally getting this one move down). I shared with Adam and Megan that as I approach age 60 and want to keep teaching for at least 5 more years, I need to take better care of my body - or it is not going to let me keep doing a job I love for many more years.

What are your goals?
What every woman wants - not just to age gracefully, but to look somewhat graceful and able-bodied. I have always thought that if I could be on dancing with the stars, I would need to be strong. I would need stamina. Being lean and strong can take you a long way with any physical challenge you choose to take on. Get Fit NH is a way for me to have future opportunities doing things I might not otherwise feel I could do and to continue to enjoy the activities I currently do for many years to come - like skiing, bike riding and kayaking.

What is your favorite part about Get Fit NH?
I love going! I find talking with the coaches is easy and they are always friendly. I enjoy meeting new people and like that my classmates are supportive and helpful. Many times they have “deciphered” the day’s exercises up on the board for me. Many of them have heard me say it is like “foreign language”. So, to sum up my experience thus far - I love going!!!

Keep up the hard work Marcia!
-Coach Adam

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