The Spotlights Continue to Pour in!

Maryann celebrates one year with Get Fit NH on July 24th!!  It has been a very exciting year!  Maryann’s changes did not happen overnight.  There have been some struggles but she has worked hard and it is paying off!  Maryann’s commitment and enthusiasm make her a very special part of the Get Fit NH Family.  I hope you all are inspired by her story!


Maryann after


“I came to Get Fit NH because I knew that I had to get fit or face potentially deadly health issues.  I always tell people “I went to GFNH so that I could live.” I was having some health issues related to my weight and stamina and I knew something had to change.  I remembered a friend had mentioned GFNH a long while back and it had stayed with me.   I was so nervous when I came in to test with Erin to see what my ability was.  There were so many things I couldn’t do!  Her response was that the first step is making the decision to do something positive!  The first two weeks were so intense!  I loved that at GFNH there was only positive energy. The people around me encouraged me and it gave me a lift. I was hooked! You do the things that are safe for you to do and are encouraged to do your very best 100% of the time!  Challenging yourself safely is the goal, but the expectation is that you will challenge yourself.  I leave the gym feeling powerful and that I’ve accomplished something for myself and my health!

What I’ve learned at Get Fit NH is that the passion you feel for your health and wellbeing should be greater than your passion for what doesn’t benefit you!  Sounds crazy, I know!  But for someone who loves food and is willing to eat regardless of the consequences, it’s an important lesson.  Using the passion that I have for food in order to get comfort from the stressors in my life has not worked for me. It has led me to health problems, stress and low self-esteem. Yet it was a behavior that I just couldn’t seem to change.  Through my many talks with Erin, Dean’s blogs, Nancy’s seminars and more, I have learned to focus on my accomplishments and remember that the feeling I get from meeting my goals, is more fulfilling than that ice cream sundae on a bad day!  I also learned that when I do fall down and make choices that do not benefit me, that is not the time to get discouraged and quit!  I have learned that when I fail or don’t meet a goal, that is the time to work harder! 

A few years ago on fb, there was some kind of a list where you put down a wish.  I remember I put “I wish I could be athletic again.”  I was a very good athlete in high school and college.  Now, I am a nurse and like many nurses, I have a bad back.  I also injured my shoulder moving a patient and the injury put me in physical therapy for a year.  I constantly took the elevators at work because I didn’t have the stamina to walk up a flight of stairs!  How do I feel a year after joining?  Like I’m athletic again.  I can do push-ups.  I can lift weights.  I ran/walked a 5k.  And I have not felt this good in about 15 yrs.   Since I joined GFNH, my back doesn’t hurt, my shoulder is stronger and I feel great!  At the hospital, I can walk up two flights of stairs and I NEVER take the elevators anymore!  I just won’t do it!   

My experience at Get Fit NH has been life changing.  Although I still have a long way to go, I know I can make it happen!  I have met wonderful people and made friends who support the positive changes that I’ve made in my life.  I love to walk into GFNH and see the friends I have made all gathering to work out and have fun!  I love the encouragement, competition and positive energy every time I walk through that door!  And I am grateful to Dean, Nancy, Meagan, Adam and especially Erin-who has walked beside me every step of the way!  They have all created a place of acceptance for all people no matter how they look, or what their abilities are.  I love GFNH!  BAM!”

And we love you too, Maryann! Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication! We are SO proud of you!

Keep making it happen,

Coach Erin

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