Think Two Steps Ahead.

In life we are not always able to plan and control outcomes.  As many of you may know even the best-laid plans are not always something that will work.  You have your whole day planned out, you have your food prepared based on your current information.  What happens if it changes? What happens if you plan to have your lunch at 12, and you’ll be home in time for dinner so you’re good.  Now what happens when you get stuck at work longer than expected, you’re super hungry and you decide to make a unsupportive decision with what you eat.  Planning is great but the true secret lies in developing the skill to think two steps ahead.  

What do I mean by that?  I mean working through the different possible outcomes in your head so that you are prepared if any of them happen.  This takes time, practice, and experience to do.  You can’t always predict what may happen until you have seen a bunch of different possible outcomes. Lets take the example above, you plan it out, but what is one step further?  One step further is “well what is my plan going to be if that doesn’t work out”?  What is your plan “B”, what if you are wrong and you will be stuck at work?  Do you have another meal with you just in case? Is there a place you know you can find healthy food near your work?  If you know there isn’t a place near you that you can find something healthy, do you know that and did you use that information to prepare yourself?  Start working on trying to think two steps ahead, it takes time but it can be a valuable tool to add to your toolbox. 

-Coach Adam

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