This Is One Strong Spotlight!

The spotlight shines on Robin today. I could write a novel about Robin, because that’s how awesome she is. One of the best parts of being a coach is not only watching someone physically change, but watching them change mentally and emotionally. Robin has changed in all of these ways. When I first met with Robin 7 months ago she was so nervous. It’s common to feel nervous and self-conscious about starting a new training plan and doing something you’ve never done before alongside people you’ve never met before. Talk about intimidating. Robin embraced it and dove in anyways. The Robin I know today is SO far from the Robin I met 7 months ago. Robin today is confident, she is strong, she is outgoing and funny and as you’ll learn in her remarks she is proud of herself

I knew that I was at the point in my life where just eating right wasn't enough.  In the past I could just stop eating junk and cut out sugar and that, by itself, was enough to drop some pounds and I'd be happy with that.  However, once I reached my 40's , I realized that wasn't enough and that I was starting to lose muscle at a rapid pace and  that simple tasks were becoming more difficult.  Walking up flights of stairs was becoming challenging (and working on the 3rd floor of city hall, the elevator was becoming a normal part of my trek and I felt guilty every time) and even getting up off the couch was becoming a challenge.  As I was approaching 50, I knew I needed to change something.  I saw the post on Facebook about a 28-day Metabolic Reboot and decided to give it a shot.  I figured I could handle 4 weeks.  Those 4 weeks went by in a flash and I knew, I KNEW, that I had to continue.  

 I've learned that I'm stronger than I give myself credit for and I can also tolerate more than I give myself credit for.  And, most importantly (for me anyway), I CAN do an exercise program regularly and not die (although, sometimes it feels like I am going to...ha ha ha), that it can be part of my life and yet not RULE my life.  I always thought only the "crazy fitness people" exercised regularly and I was certainly not one of "them".   I have learned that I actually LIKE (*gasp*) to exercise.  Still don't like to run...not sure anyone can ever make me like that.  But I look forward to my 5:30 class and I NEVER dread going.  In the past when I had signed up for another gym, I would always look for excuses why I couldn't go and would justify it with, "well, it's only $10 a month so it's not a big deal".  And then after a while when I realized that all I was doing was adding to their profit margin and not getting any benefit out of it, I would cancel.  That cycle continued on for years.  Now THAT'S crazy.


One of the most important things I've learned - I love the coaches here!  I remember when I was talking to Nancy on the phone the day I called to ask about what I had seen on Facebook and I was thinking  "I don't want to be in a class with boys...I don't want them to see my failure."  Sad, isn't it?  That I hadn't even started yet and I was already thinking I was going to fail.  That was my past experiences programming my brain to automatically think that.  So Nancy registered me for the 8:30am "ladies only" class.  I remember that I was nervous as heck thinking that all the coaches would be drill instructors (like Biggest Loser) screaming at people and humiliating them.   After meeting with Meagan for the first time, I walked out  of there thinking, "I like her and I don't think she'll yell at me".   I got in my car feeling excited to start and thought to myself "I got this!"  From day one, I have been very happy with the training and the people.  I have never seen a more encouraging group of engaged coaches and I feel like I'm so lucky to have started my training there.  I tell people all the time about it.  When people see me leaving work with my gym bag and ask where I'm going - I'm sure they immediately regret it because I then go on a long-winded sales pitch for GetFit NH.  When people say to me "you look great" - I take that opportunity to tell them about GetFit NH.  I wish you guys had GetFit NH buttons, I would wear it proudly every day to promote you all!!!!!


Since I started my training almost 7 months ago, I have lost 15 pounds and 8.4 inches total.  I'm still a far distance from my goal and I'm moving along at a turtle's pace, but I'm very happy with the progress I've made physically in those months.  

Now the part you don't actually see.  I am FEELING so much better.  I can walk up all 5 flights of stairs at work and I don't save all my trips to only do once (like I used to do because I just was not comfortable moving my body), I find that I don't mind going up and down those stairs several times a day.  I park farther away and don't mind walking.  When I run errands, I don't mind getting in and out of the car several times.  

The other part is how proud my family is of me and they tell me all the time how proud they are that I am taking measures to take care of myself.  My husband said that he is not worried anymore that I won't be around to see our children get married and have children.  He said that previously, he worried about that every day.  How sad is that?  I am forever grateful to all of you for giving me my life back and for helping me to see that I can succeed, however long that takes.  I love you guys!!!!  ; )

We are so proud of Robin. Thank you for sharing your story! Keep making it happen!

Coach Meagan

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