Three Things That Could Be Crushing Your Results

  • Snacking!

    • I am not talking about a morning or afternoon snack. I am talking about the snacking that goes on while you are making your meals. You know, a handful of almonds while you are cooking- or 2, 3, 4, handfuls of almonds. Or the cheese and crackers while your dinner is cooking. That’s a lot of calories that adds up!

    • I recommend getting one of those veggie trays and putting raw veggies in it so if you feel like you need to snack or you are so starving then the food you are putting in your mouth is nutritious and low calorie. Sometimes we end up eating a mini dinner before dinner and that is how we pack in unnecessary calories

    • Iced water and lemon with a fancy straw. If you are trying to keep your mouth busy this is a great way to keep it busy calorie free!

  • Right now many of us are in “challenge mode,” but non challenge mode is the sweets control or out-of-control!

    • I am not talking about a square of dark chocolate daily that makes you feel like a super human- That is not crushing your results. What could be crushing your results is 3-4 days of desserts, sweets, sodas/juice, etc. While those things are ok 10% of the time if your goal is to lose weight then you will have a very hard time losing weight with multiple days of several sweets. Our bodies don’t metabolize as quickly as they once did. You can choose to play the victim, not fair card or you can decide your goal is more important. Either way you are still a fabulous person. Because what you eat, when you eat, how you eat, where you eat does not and will not ever define who you are.

  • Mindless eating

    • Raise your hand if you are guilty of this! I am the QUEEN! Not even hungry, why am I eating? Because it is in front of me and/or available. If you have the control to bring great choices into your house then that is fabulous, but some of you don’t have the luxury- DANGER!

    • If you are guilty of this then I HIGHLY suggest keeping a food log for a few weeks. Put it on your fridge and make a point to write down everything you are eating. This will create more awareness and show you how much you are eating and you truly might not even realize it.

    • If you are struggling with weight loss there is a VERY good chance you are eating too much for what your body needs and yes when you cut calories you WILL feel hungry until your body adjusts to a new normal. It is absolutely never recommended for women to consume less than 1200 calories and men less than 1500 calories because that comes with its own issues.

If your goal is weight loss or to change something about the way you look and feel then chances are we need to look at food. These are three things that come to mind that could be a “simple” fix for you or at least create more awareness. Most of you are in challenge mode, but some of you are not so let’s work on getting 1% better today!

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Coach Meagan

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